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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

List of University-Centred Posts

It's been more than a year since I entered university. I wrote many blog posts about my university life, some turning out to be my favourites.

However much I wrote, there's still 2 more years of university for me, and I can see a lot of university-related posts in the near future. So I'm compiling a list of university posts, and hopefully some time down the road, I'll look back and be satisfied with how far I've come.

List of University-Centred Posts
last updated 3 Mar 2010

1. 17 Sept 2008, Checked In
2. 22 Sept 2008, Sights of UNMC
3. 23 Oct 2008, More Sights of UNMC
4. 1 Dec 2008, The Darkest Black Friday Week
5. 20 Dec 2008, Early Sights of UNMC
6. 7 Apr 2009, Campus Security
7. 17 Jun 2009, Goodbye Edusquare
8. 30 Jun 2009, Summer in Pangkor
9. 5 Sept 2009, Big Chunk of My Summer
10. 15 Sept 2009, UNMC 2008/09 - Over!
11. 30 Sept 2009, The First Sights of UoN
12. 7 Oct 2009, A Warm Welcome Week
13. 19 Oct 2009, Sights of UoN - Portland Building
14. 10 Nov 2009, Sights of UoN -- Jubilee Campus at Night
15. 17 Nov 2009, Sights of UoN -- A Jog Around the Lake
16. 13 Dec 2009, Sights of UoN -- Jubilee Campus
17. 23 Dec 2009, Sights of UoN -- Lakes and Waterbirds
18. 3 Mar 2010, Sights of UoN -- The Millennium Garden

Those who read my blog post A Warm Welcome Week published some 8 days ago were greeted with this message preceding the rest of the post.

Note: High resolution images of some of the following photos are available on Flickr. These photos are marked with [AoF] tags (Available on Flicker) in their captions. Click on the photos to view their higher resolution images.

Yes, you're right! First I got Blogger, then I got Twitter, now, I have a spanking new Flickr account.

With the new Flickr account, I can finally provide higher resolution photos without worries!

Photos that, erm, pass certain selection criteria will experience one less level of shrinking, usually ending up with resolutions like 1024x768 (4:3 format) or 1024x675 pixels (3:2 format). Those who don't, unfortunately, will get reduced to a maximum of 512 pixels height or width, whichever is larger. To view these wallpaper-quality photos on Flickr, simply click on them! You'll be brought to their static Flickr pages, where you can view, comment and even download them!

But hey, even the preview images are larger! On blog posts, these Flickr photos have a preview image size of 500x375 pixels, compared to other photos' 400x300 pixels!

To view my latest 200 photos on Flickr (I don't have that many up there yet!), click here. Alternatively, a link to my Flickr page can be located at the right column, under "My Links".

A photo-centric post is arriving this weekend, I hope you enjoy the big boost in photo quality!

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