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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

UNMC 2008/09 - Over!

I can't believe it's been a year since I had the to-enter-or-not-to-enter-UNMC dilemma.

I did quite a few things in the past academic year.

1. Took up LAN subjects

Up to this stage, I still have no idea what LAN stands for (certainly not Local Area Network). Its other name (dunno newer or older) is MQA, standing for Malaysia Quality Assurance, and it comprises of three subjects -- Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies (or Islamic Studies for Muslims) and Bahasa Malaysia. Since I got a credit for my Malay Language in SPM, I was exempted from taking the latter.

I dreaded the other two subjects a lot as I never scored them well back there in secondary school. They were boring and rather bland, making things worse. However, our teacher Ms Evans managed to spice things up by telling a lot of stories -- many thanks to her. Believe it or not, we even performed a short sketch in front of the class during Malaysian Studies (A.K.A. Malaysian History) and I even demonstrated some Chinese calligraphy skills that day.

From left: me, Lee Khan, Ming, Wan Foo, Sean, Nick, John. Click to view full resolution image.

2. Picked Up Badminton... Again

I've always loved badminton, but never really had the chance of playing. Mum bought me a Yonex racquet, and I put it to use playing with a few friends from time to time. I even joined the Badminton Club and participated in most of their workshops.

3. Started Jogging Weekly

No kidding. When I first started, I was so bad I had to stop after trotting less than half a kilometre. Today I can scale 4km in a little over 20 minutes -- not atheletic, but a great improvement. I even have a log of my jogging performance in a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel for those who don't know) and plotted a chart of my average jogging speed.

4. Started Photography

Or rather, started to show interest in photography. I snapped many, many photos of my campus when I first entered. Boy, I've learnt much about photography since then.

5. Had My First Summer Break

During which I accomplished a lot of things.
a) got my first working experience as an engineer
b) tidied up my freaking messy room
c) formatted my computer
d) cleaned up (the hard disk of) my desktop (I freed over 50GB of space!)
e) prepared for yet another Chinese calligraphy exhibition
f) went for karaoke session for the first time in my life
g) done lots of preparation for my 2009/10 academic year

The coming year will witness even more breakthroughs, simply because of one thing -- I'll be spending it not in Malaysia, but in UK. It will present me loads of opportunities. Keep checking back, I will post my every step here. I'm flying tomorrow, so fresh photos should appear pretty soon.

h) taking a 14 hour inter-continental flight

Hope I enjoy it.

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