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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Who Will You Clone?

Some time ago, while I was digging into the depth of my junk piled up in my room, I found this.

Click for higher resolution image.

It's a poster a few friends and I prepared for our English for Science and Technology (EST) subject few years ago, advertising for a cloning company we supposedly set up.

Cloning is no longer a fictional technology appearing in far-fetched stories like Star Wars or The Island any more. It is now perfectly possible, although ethically controversial.

If, one day, cloning became completely legal, affordable, and safe, will you do it? Who will you clone? Dig the graves of Einstein and the like to produce an exceptionally smart person? Or perhaps cloning your loved ones, shedding them with more affection than ever?

For me, I'll clone myself.

I'm not a genius. I'm not a star. I'm not extraordinary. I'm just a normal person walking the earth. I've made many mistakes, embarrassed myself, disappointed my teachers, brought shame to my parents, among the many things I did for the past two decades.

Which is why I'd like to clone myself. It may be too late for me to change, so I need a new me. Once I have an exact copy of a me tens of years younger, I'll guide him carefully through his life. I know him as well as I know myself - he's me, for goodness's sake. I know the kind of mistakes I've made, and he'll make. I'll help him hop over potholes, jump over cracks, skip over puddles of mud.

I'll bring him up to be the person I can only wish to be.

And if he does it, I will be extremely happy, not just for him, but for myself too, for he'll prove to me that I could have done the same too.

But no, cloning is still not an option, so I have to accept my past mistakes, learn from them, and move forward. Who knows, there still may be hope for me.

Wish me luck.


  1. LOL. I just read your entry after posting my entry at my own blog.

    I am still reeling from shock that our entries contain many similarities yet written in a different manner.


  2. hang on, let me go over there and have a look...

  3. wow.. u stil keeping this sheet of paper? or photographed tht time?

  4. i found it erm, few months ago, earlier this year i think, and i photographed it. yeah i've been keeping it since 2004 haha. i have no idea where exactly it is right now, maybe i threw it away with a big pile of rubbish. maybe it's still somewhere hidden deep inside my folder. i don't know.

    brings back the memories huh? the funny thing is ms ranee actually asked us to paste it inside our EST books (i remember Jen pasting it in his - i actually saw him doing it). i even used a b5 size paper to facilitate that. but i think i liked it too much to do that, or i didn't like pasting stuff in books, or maybe i was just plain lazy that time.


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