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Saturday, 14 May 2011

I Miss This

Some of you may remember the huge stack of Pringles I ate back when I was in UK. Some of those people who saw the picture of the Pringles Pyramid exclaimed, "OMG, how much weight have you gained from those crisps?"

Yeah true, Pringles are some kind of unhealthy snack. Unseen from the photo of my messy room, however, I had another large stack of empty snack containers stowed inside my closet (literally).

Jordan's Muesli

At leas this snack is healthier.

I still remember the sheer joy when my friend told me about Co-Operative selling them at £1.50 each. I would store boxes whenever a there was a promotion, and finish them one by one, alternating between flavours.

I bought two boxes home to Malaysia last summer and had since finished them with my friends and family. Some of them appreciated them like I did, others found it rather bland or boring. Whatever.

Sadly, I haven't found any of these in Malaysia. If I do, expect me to stock up like a squirrel.

Ah, Jordan's Muesli. Just another reason for me to miss UK.