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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Cmc: Spyder - Male Black Widow

Sometimes when I get bored during lectures, I tend to scribble and doodle on my notes. Let me show you one of my doodles.

Your life, or me? You know you can't have both!

Thank goodness I'm human! I get to have both!

Became a fan of stick figures, thanks to! Did this lousy pic in less than 30 secs

Monday, 20 April 2009


Last October, I went to the library and found an unattended cellphone.

It was a Nokia N70, grey in colour. I sat beside it for a good half hour, but nobody came to pick it up.

So I did. By going through the phone's messages, I discovered the guy's name, let's call him Raj, and his call logs indicate that he is not a local student. Then I contacted the last local number he called, hoping that the number brings me to a UNMC student.

And it did. Some time later Raj's friend came over and pick up the phone. And some hours later, I received a message from Raj, thanking me for my honesty.

Sidenote: I do have a lot of messages stored in my phone. This is message 939/1097.

I chatted with my friend over the internet about this event.
Me: I can't believe I returned a phone I found today. After months of wanting a better phone!

KS: How's your phone-shopping coming along?

Me: I nearly bought a Sony Ericsson P1i yesterday. Luckily I didn't! P1i's Wifi may not be compatible with UNMC's.

KS: See? Your honesty has paid off. That's karma!
Well that's not really what I call karma. Instead of two phones, now I get none?

Fast forward half a year. Last week after returning home, I realised that I didn't have my thumbdrive with me. Dang! Must have left it in the computer room.

The thumbdrive itself isn't that valuable. It costed over RM100, but that was more than three years ago. It's 512MB capacity isn't appealing either. What mattered was its contents. In it I had some past year questions, soft copy of notes, lab reports (I left my thumbdrive attached to the computer after printing these), and my programming codes for the electron...

Damn. I spent a whole 10 weeks programming for that electronic project. What's more, it's a group work, and my friends are relying on that piece of code for our entire module!

I immediately rushed to the computer room in the middle of the night, attempting to retrieve it, hoping against hope that it is still there.

But it wasn't. I inquired about it with the security guard, and waited while he contacted the main guardhouse.

And waited.

And waited.

"Long, black, Apacer thumbdrive?"

"Ah yes!"

"Go to guardhouse 1 to claim it."

I thanked the security guard, trying hard to hide my glee while rushing to the said guardhouse. Sure enough, my thumbdrive was waiting for me there. After filling in a report, I gladly went home with it.

That, my friends, is what I call karma.

PS: To whoever helped passing my thumbdrive to the security guards, thanks a million!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

If I Were A Girl

If I were a girl, I would bully all the boys I know. I can't stand the fact that although boys are bigger and stronger, we can't do as much as touch a girl, while they get to pinch, punch, nip us all around.

If I were a girl, I wouldn't hesitate to cry if I felt like it. Why is it less embarrassing for girls to cry?

If I were a girl, I would share my meals with my (female) friends. Makes no point right? You ask for half the quantity of food, yet you still pay the full price?

If I were a girl, I wouldn't bother about becoming a nerd. For some reasons girls are much better than hiding their nerdiness than guys. Don't believe me, try to recall the top female scorers of your class. I can't believe that I look so nerdy even though I was one of the last ten back there in high school.

If I were a girl, I wouldn't have to shave this often. I mean I wouldn't have to shave my facial hair at all. Facial hair is good, but facial hair AND zits is not.


If I were a girl, I would have to be more careful with what I eat. Girls gain weight so much easier than guys!

If I were a girl, I wouldn't be able to run away when I get someone pregnant. Because that someone would be me.

And worst of all...

If I were a girl, I wouldn't be able to pee standing up!


Thank goodness I'm a guy!

*No offense to anybody of any gender. This post is written solely for the sake of fun.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Toadstools Don't Change Their Spots

So you go to the KTM station, and the train is late (as usual). So you sit down. On the floor.

Nothing strange about that. MRT stations in Singapore are so clean I can simply spend two years sleeping there and no one would mistake me for being a beggar.

Of course my good looks count too, but that's not the point here.

Anyway, back to Malaysia. You sat down, and you saw this.

Not seeing anything? Well tips. Poisonous toadstools don't change their spots.

Still making no sense? Look closer.

OK maybe you can't recognise it. Here's a fresher one.

Any ideas? Free kiss from me if you get it right. And if you're a hot chic.

Yes, it's a chewing gum! No kidding!

Now, count how many there are here! Click on the image to see a higher resolution image.

Someone remind me why Singapore banned chewing gums?

Be careful where you sit! If you don't want to be mistaken for a beggar, that is.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Campus Security

It's no laughing matter when it comes to campus security.

All day round you see guards patrolling the school grounds. Dozens of CCTVs are installed throughout the premises. The perimeter is surrounded by 2-meter high fences. Guardhouses can be found at both entrances to the school.

It certainly feels as if the security could qualify for an airport or country border.

Several months ago, when I first came to UNMC, I went around the school shooting photos and was quite amused when the in-campus hostel reminded me horribly of a prison.

I surely wouldn't want to stay in prison. Especially after what people say, "school is a prison everybody must experience". I have to go to school, but sleeping in prison AFTER school is surely avoidable.

I mean WAS avoidable.

My off-campus house was already armed with a guardhouse. The guardhouse was merely feet from my house and I'm sure the guards could even hear my irritating snores at night.

However, accidents still happen.

In late November 2008, a UNMC student was killed after a misunderstanding, just few minutes away from my place.

That, added with a series of burglaries and break-ins, simply meant tightening security in campus wasn't enough.

So one fine day, I came home from school to find the walls of my house taller by one whole foot. Not with anything, but with BARBED WIRES.

Wow. I can feel my wings dropping off already. All of sudden the trees beyond the fence look greener, the birds livelier, and the skies bluer.

OK maybe not the skies.

The ironic thing is that however tall our fences are, we don't have a gate. Any burglars reading this?

No, please don't get us gates! At least real prisoners get free food and no one'll bother them around if they skip classes or don't hand in assignments.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

No Jokes

I know it's April Fool's, but believe it or not... it's all up to you. (Hey it rhymes!)

1. I jog twice a week. Between 9pm and 1am. Yes that's in darkness.
2. I go home every weekend, and out of the few things I do at home every week, the most important is doing the laundry.
3. I visit the gym twice a week.
4. I like trains, love computers, and am obsessed about mobile phones. Yet I have near zero interest in cars.
5. I used to be able to survive under RM5 per day. That's three meals, not two.
6. My watch is older than my sister.
7. My piano is older than me.
8. My computer is older than your mother.
9. I hate basketball and soccer. The only sport I really love is badminton.
10. I've visited Cameron hundreds of times, but I've never been to Genting Highlands before.

What do you think?