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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Geeky Jokes

This January, I went to MidValley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) for a Jobstreet's Careers Fair. I stopped by F-Secure's booth, and got this very amusing set of stickers in return.

If you haven't even heard of F-Secure before, you can stop reading this post straight away - the remainder will definitely not amuse you in any way.

Interpretation of some of the lines shown.

1. "Most of my unsolicited email comes from my boss."
- My spam filter is so powerful that the only spam mails I receive are from my boss.

2. "Gone Phishing."
- Phishing is an act of stealing sensitive information such as usernames and passwords.

3. "My other PC is your PC."
- Your firewall sux so much that I frequently use your computer as backup.

4. "* HONEYPOT *"
- A honeypot is a trap to catch hackers.

5. "There is no place like"
- is the IP address for localhost. In other words, there's no place like home!

6. "Backups are for wimps."
- My security system is so strong I wouldn't need it!

7, "You don't need to see my identification."
- Otherwise I wouldn't be called a hacker!

8. "Protected."
- Yeah right!

9. "Will break CAPTCHA for food."
- CAPTCHAs are those nonsensical images containing a few letters or words to deter access to non-humans.

10. "I've forgotten your password again, could you remind me?"
- Nice one!

11. "Owned"
- For your computer. From me.

12. "Use ROT13 twice for added protection!"
- ROT13 is both an encryption and decryption process. Using ROT13 once will encrypt it. Using it again will er...

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