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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I'm On the Papers! 我上报啦!

Last Friday, I received a message asking me to check that day's SinChew Daily. I ruffled through the paper and found this.


And then I received another similar message today, except that this time, it's to ask me to check NanYang Siang Pau. There's this on the last page of the local edition.


Cool eh! It's even in colour!


For English readers, this is my rough translation of the SinChew article. Both of them are essentially the same, by the way.

Yeo Wenqi Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition
50 Works on Exhibit from 27th

(Klang, 19th) He's 20, he's handsome, he's cool, he's hot and he's a youngster who just loves Chinese Calligraphy.

Under the close supervision of instructor Mr. Kerk Won Hoo, he has been studying Calligraphy for more than 10 years.

After the many years of living alongside Chinese Calligraphy, Yeo Wenqi seems closer to the arts than his peers. All these years, he has been practicing traditional Calligraphy, as well as experimenting with some modern creations. The 50 artworks featured in this exhibition will showcase his experiences.

This exhibition is held by Klang Gan Association's Art House MoDian. The three-day events will start on the 27th, at the said Art House. It is open to visit from 11am to 4pm.

For enquiries, please call 017 358 0121 or visit


  1. Congratulation LOL

  2. Congratulation WenQi, give u a kiss, muak!

  3. i remember cks used to say it's gay if i ever say things like muak or use symbol like ~!

    now look who's turning into a gay..

  4. lol. thx a lot guys!!!

    ps - despite what the articles say, actually i only have 26 different works on 42 separate pieces.

  5. starts today! good luck.

  6. -> minli
    heh thx a lot! will post up more photos of tomorrow's ceremony sometime next week. or the week after next, i have stupid msian studies test next saturday.


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