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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy 2-Years!

Wishing everybody a happy 2010!

Owl Order is officially 2 years old. Throughout 2009, I've managed to come up with 89 posts (excluding this one you're reading) with at least 7 every month. Cool eh?

Some of most memorable stuff this year featured in this blog.

Things I Did in 2009

1. 24 February. Got featured in a newspaper article. My 5-minute fame. (Length 2/5)

2. 28 February. Held solo Chinese Calligraphy exhibition (Chinese version). Lost RM800. Gained priceless experiences. (Length 2/5)

3. May, June. Bought a new phone. Shopped online for the first time. Went online by phone for the first time. Boy, the world is changing.

4. June - August. Did summer internship, which I really enjoyed. Most well-spent holidays in my entire life. (Length 3/5)

5. September - . Went out of Asia for the first time. Went to UK for the first time. Took intercontinental flight for the first time. Experienced any season other than summer for the first time. Studied overseas for the first time.

6. September. Tried beer for the first time. December. Tried gin and vodka for the first time. Got drunk for the first time. (Length 0/5)

UV filter
7. October. Used an SLR for the first time. (Length 2/5)

Nonsense Posts

Posts without points. Simple as that.

1. 7 January: Disable toilet (Length 1/5)

2. 17 January: KTM says -- Use Your Brain... Later (Length 2/5)

3. 13 September: Dad Has Got A New Phone (Length 5/5)

4. 2 February: My Disgusting Things (Length 3/5)

5. 4 August: Singapore Policies and Fertility Rate (Length 4/5)

Most Memorable Tweets

The most significant posts on Twitter. All have lengths of 0/5.

1. (13 June) Hell hath no fury like the KTM commuters.

2. (26 August) Pissed people pisses me off. That's so weird.

3. (9 October) My 10-year-old sister was playing a game called "Sexy City" on Facebook. What. The. Hell.

4. (27 October) So I clicked on this website. And a "virus scan" started, telling me I have hundreds of trojans in my Linux computer.

5. (31 October) 'Trick-or-treat!' 'And who are you supposed to be?' 'An illegal immigrant from a poor Asian country.' 'Whoa.'

6. (13 November) Electronic engineers have lousy English. We say things like 'I is big', 'V is high' and 'we is I are'.

7. (18 November) It took me 20 years to notice what a big head I have sitting on my neck!

8. (26 November) Why do British newspapers give that much description on rape cases? I wear tight briefs and it hurts, y'know!!! I'm switching to boxers.

9. (10 December) I thought it was bad when my 10-year-old sister applied for a Facebook account until I received an invitation from my 7-year-old cousin.

10. (12 December) Two shots of vodka, one of gin and two cans (440ml) of beer. In one night, I've taken more alcohol than I've ever did in my entire life.

PS. While most of my favourite Facebook updates are also Tweets, there's one exception. (25 December) Some hot chic meet me beneath the mistletoe. NOW.

Photo Posts

Pictures say a thousand words (each), so just let them do the talking! I've managed to pull off a lot of photo posts this year with even more coming in 2010, so enjoy!

1. 17 June: Goodbye Edusquare (Length 5/5)

2. 27 August: When My XPERIA Camera Surprises Me (Length 3/5)

3. 24 November: Photo Editing -- Behind the Owl's Eyes (Length 4/5)

Business School, South
4. 13 December: Sights of UoN -- Jubilee Campus (Length 4/5)

Seeing Double
5. 23 December: Sights of UoN -- Lakes and Waterbirds (Length 4/5)

Well, I think that's enough to celebrate the coming new year.

Once again, wishing everybody the best of everything in 2010. See you next decade!

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  1. nice post. its certainly good to bring back those memories. :)

    And yea, have a blessed new year :)

  2. Very nice recap on the whole year. May this one bring even more better memories :)

    All the best !

  3. Clarence, Joanna:

    thank you... good luck on the new decade too!

  4. Beautiful photo post. Loved it. Awesome shots. Thanks for sharing....

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