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Thursday, 17 December 2009

My Definition of Growing Up

High school is an all-important part of my life. But one thing I didn't like about high school is that so many students back there think they're so matured and grown-up, they can do whatever they want.

But I so disagree.

Growing up isn't about realising that Santa Claus and Tooth Fairies don't exist. So instead of turning in early during Christmas Eve, you hid behind the door to catch your parents putting presents under the Christmas Tree. How grown up is that?

Growing up isn't about thinking Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny are childish and stupid. Yeah, you prefer watching Transformers the movie instead of the animation. You collect figures of Megan Fox instead of Optimus Prime Trucks and Bumble Bee Cameros. Great. But so do 12-year-olds.

No, not eating candies isn't proof that you're a grown up. Neither is giving up your favourite childhood toys like Lego. Nor finding yourself embarrassed singing nursery rhymes.

No. If you ever think those are reflections of growing up, you are so wrong. And so not grown up.

Growing up is about sharing. Understanding that the world has done much to us, and it's high time we give something back. Less of "I want"s but more of "do you want"s. Even more of recycle and energy conservation, as tokens of appreciation to Earth, the mother of all.

Growing up is about taking responsibilities. Knowing what you should do to play your part in the society. Doing what is best for everyone. Keeping everyone's best interests at heart.

Growing up is about discipline. No giving in to stupid temptations. No two more minutes in bed and let the child be late at school. No 'I can always do it tomorrow', because we know our time is precious. No such thing as 'rules are meant to be bent and laws broken' because we know that they exist to keep the world in one piece.

Growing up is about appreciation. Appreciating what we have. Be thankful for what we get. Why else do parents keep asking us to lick our plates squeaky clean? And you think cartoons and animations don't appeal to adults? Think again -- even Dan Brown thought it appropriate to mention few of Disney's cartoons like Snow White and Little Mermaid in his Da Vinci Code.

Growing up is about respect. Learning to listen to everyone. The old. The young. The smarter. And the dumber. Because all their opinions count. Grown-ups don't fight with their parents -- only teenagers do. Grown-ups don't betray their friends nor bully their siblings -- that's child-play or baby-act.

So if you think you're all grown up, think again. Like it or not, maybe you aren't that mentally grown up, after all.

PS. I wrote this to justify that me loving Lego and 'My Bonnie' and cartoons and candies and Goofy do NOT make me any less grown-up than I am.


  1. YES!!! thank you for understanding


  2. amen to that. lol..

    lego rocks :D

  3. wow. maybe i should start a leog fanclub. wait, i think there are Lego fanclubs already lol.


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