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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Sights of UoN -- Lakes and Waterbirds

Note: High resolution images of some of the following photos are available. These photos are marked with [HiRes] tags in their captions. Click on the photos to view their higher resolution images.

The University of Nottingham is famous for its lakes in at least four of its campuses around the world.

Trent Building and the Lake
[HiRes] University Park Lake. Recycled photo from A Jog Around the Lake.

And I am truly honoured to have visited three of them.

[HiRes] Malaysia Campus Lake. Recycled photo from Sights of UNMC. Boy, that was quite a long time ago!

All of them have doubtlessly breathtaking sights. So good it's worth registering with the university just to visit the lake everyday. And I'm not kidding.

Jubilee Lake
[HiRes] Jubilee Campus Lake. Recycled photo from Jubilee Campus.

One thing that has been synonymous with the Nottingham University Lakes are ducks.

But then again ducks are synonymous with most lakes.

The lone duck
[HiRes] Duck in the lake. Duck, lake, lake, duck. I nearly typed "luck in the dake" just now.

I prepared some of my better shots of the university lakes and ducks today. I've talked pretty much about them in so many of my previous posts, so I'll leave the talking to the photos today. After all, they do say thousands of words.

Keep in mind that the following photos are taken in multiple sessions in different locations, spread across the span of three months. Just like my previous photo post, they have been given as little digital-editing as possible -- 'enhancements' made are rather subtle levels/brightness/contrast tweaking to compensate for under/over-exposure, other than the usual resizing and watermarking.

So, er... Enjoy. Quack!

University students feeding the waterbirds in front of Lakeside Arts Centre. Taken sometime in early autumn.

Ducks at lawn
[HiRes] Just look at the amount of geese they have in University Park. It's no shit that you step on some (shit) every so often. Autumn.

Jubilee Lakescape
[HiRes] Jubilee Lakescape. Early winter.

Rainy autumn day
[HiRes] University Park Lake after a heavy autumn rain.

Wotcha lookin' at?
[HiRes] University Park Duck: "Now, what are you lookin' at?". Autumn.

Stop Staring!!!
[HiRes] "The way that booty movin' I can take no more... Damn, you's a sexy chick..." Hang on, I think they're drakes.

Business School North
[HiRes] Jubilee ducks in front of North Business School. Early winter.

[HiRes] Jubilee Lake comes with a small waterfall. Early winter.

Seeing Double
[HiRes] Seeing double.

Sunset silhouette
[HiRes] Oh yes, there are swans in Jubilee Campus.

Pondering by the lake
[HiRes] Swan in deep thought. "Why do I honk instead of quack?"

Swirly Mirror
[HiRes] Delicate drips...

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  1. like some luxurious place for water birds.
    2nd last pic is nice.

  2. well not now. i just went to university park lake and it's like frozen over. only saw 2 ducklings paddling in the corner of the lake where it wasn't frozen. wonder where all the geese went.

  3. i'm not sure if anybody noticed, but i tend to grab more portrait (ie vertical) photos than landscape (horizontal) ones. all but two of the photos in this post are in portraits.

  4. Nice images. More like the eighth and last tree images. Keep blogging and thanks.


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