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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sights of UoN -- A Jog Around the Lake

Note: High resolution images of some of the following photos are available. These photos are marked with [HiRes] tags in their captions. Click on the photos to view their higher resolution images.

The University of Nottingham campuses are well-known for having clock towers built directly facing a lake.

Some 13 months ago, I shot photos of the Malaysian clock tower and lake and posted them here and here.

Today, you'll be seeing the University Park counterparts, the origin of this tradition.

Trent Building seen from the University Boulevard entrance, which is rarely used by students. The lake is actually between the entrance and Trent Building, but it has a lower level and is hidden from view here.

Some two weeks after arriving in UK, I decided to go for a jog around the lake.

[HiRes] Jogging along the jogging track. She's going clockwise.

Just like the Malaysia Campus's lake, the University Park one has a jogging track surrounding it. The track is much older and worn, but it is also longer (1.95 vs 0.8km), and hence, there's much more to see!

Peaceful Autumn Day
[HiRes] A bench along the jogging track in an autumn day. Relaxing, innit?

For example, there's this cave near Trent Building. Apparently they have no idea whether it's man-made or natural.

The walls are amazing too. Huge bricks, old iron gates, fallen leaves...

If you were to jog anti-clockwise (that's what I usually do) here, you'll have the lake at your left. With nearly two kilometres of track, you'll be treated with different views at different points of your journey.

Standing out
[HiRes] The dunno-what-extremely-tall-chimney seen reflected on the lake surface.

The wrong type of crane in the water!

You even get to see the Trent Building from so many different angles!

Among the trees
[HiRes] Hidden among the trees.

Trent Building
[HiRes] Or "through" the trees!

Trent Building and the Lake
[HiRes] Or with reflection.

Among the Skies
[HiRes] With clear blue skies!!!

Jog during sunset and the sights are nothing short of amazing.

Fence in the water
[HiRes] Why is there a row of fence in the water?

[HiRes] Ducks lining all the way up to Trent Building!

University Park Lake
[HiRes] Quiet lake in the evening.

Trent Clock Tower
[HiRes] Clock tower against the sunset.

Trent Clock Tower
[HiRes] Clock tower, late evening.

If you're no jogger, worry not. You can rent a ball and play putting in the field.

Or you can row/canoe in the lake.

The thing is I've never seen the canoe and ball rental stall open before.

Ah well... I guess you can feed the ducks.

[HiRes] More duck/lake photos to come!

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  1. lol i love your crane in the water picture

  2. minli:

    haha. actually, strictly speaking, that's not a crane. but i guess it's worth breaking the rule for a small pun lol. how's ur exam?


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