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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sights of UoN -- Jubilee Campus at Night

Note 1: High resolution images of some of the following photos are available. These photos are marked with [HiRes] tags in their captions. Click on the photos to view their higher resolution images.

Note 2: Various facts obtained from Wikipedia. All external text-links lead to the related Wikipedia articles.

The University Park Campus is the original site of the University of Nottingham.

It grew over the decades and is today the main campus of the University.

In recent years, however, the University extended its university grounds to not two, not three, but at least six campuses all over the world, including one each in Malaysia and China, the rest in Nottingham, UK.

The sail-shaped top of the turrets is one recognisable shape of the Jubilee Campus. They can be rotated by stronger winds (I think).

The second UK Campus I visited is the Jubilee Campus. Located approximately one mile away from the University Park, it is just a 10-minute walk away from my place. Hopper bus service to University Park is available at 15-minute intervals.

The Jubilee Campus, as seen from the Triumph Road Entrance.

Just like most other UoN campuses out there, the Jubilee has a lake as well.

[HiRes] The National College for School Leadership, facing the Jubilee lake.

By the lake
[HiRes] Recycled photo from the post (ROT13) FYE.

Oh, and of course, ducks.

The lone duck
[HiRes] Duck in the peaceful water.

The University Park campus is famous for its classical architecture. The Trent Building was a huge project back in the 1920s. The Portland building was built in the 1950s. The halls of residence aren't that new either. Wherever you go, you'll see bricks and stones and pillars.

The Jubilee Campus, however, is the exact opposite.

[HiRes] Nottingham University Business School (NUBS), South Building.

Opened in 1999, the Jubilee Campus sports ultra-modernistic buildings.

Glass. Steel. Plastic.

Lego House!
[HiRes] This is labelled "International Office", but I call this the Lego Building. There are two Lego Buildings actually.

Ultra round curves. Needle sharp points.

Food court of Jubilee Campus
[HiRes] The Atrium houses the food court of Jubilee Campus.

Reflective lights. Inclined surfaces. Spirals.

In A Row
[HiRes] Some of the reflective lamps found in Jubilee Campus.

All these made the sights at the campus simply breathtaking at night.

Light on Science
[HiRes] I really enjoy the lightings of the Jubilee Campus.

The tallest structure in the Jubilee Campus is the Aspire.

The Aspire
[HiRes] The Aspire, lit in the evening.

The Aspire is a 60m free standing sculpture, situated in the middle of the Jubilee Campus. Its fame rivals that of the Trent Building clock tower, shown in the first picture of this post.

The Aspire and the other Lego Building.

And what rivalry it is too. The old and the new. The traditional and the modern. The conservativeness and the open-mindedness. The comfort of familiar and the excitement of change.

The library is rather cool as well.

Jubilee Library
[HiRes] Jubilee Campus Library.

It has an inverted cone shape, with the tip facing down, as if it were plugged halfway into the lake.

At first sight, you may think that I didn't hold my camera perfectly horizontal when I shot the picture.

Look carefully, and you'll realise that you're wrong. Search for the horizon. Look at the ripples. And you'll soon see that it wasn't my camera.

Look at the ground and you'll realise the camera was held perfectly horizontally -- it was the Library that wasn't horizontal.

It was the building. The entire library goes up in a single spiral. So one can say it is a single-storey library, or a 3.5-storey one. And so yes, it's a cone-screw.

Cool right? Heck, even its full name is different. The Sir Harry and Lady Djanogly Learning Resource Centre.

And if you were to think there's nothing else to see here, you would be wrong -- I haven't covered day time yet.


  1. PS: majority of the photos here have been edited, mainly levels, curves, brightness/contrast and colour balance, hence the higher noise and over-saturated colours of few pictures, sorry for that!

  2. bright:

    haha thanks. at first i wasn't that happy with it, but after some consideration i think they're quite good for my standards. looking back to my old photos, i've showed some progress, and i actually didn't expect my camera(s) to be able to shoot anything this dark at night.

  3. take pride in your photo(s).. the composition is really good. the noises from it is just a small matter haha... the overall picture quality is not bad at all :D

  4. bright:

    thanks for your encouragement! i really needed that, especially after a small clash with a friend on taking/publishing pictures.

    i don't see you posting pictures at your blog! from what i know, graphic designers, painters etc are usually rather good photographers! perhaps you can throw some of your best pics up when you run out of ideas.

  5. haha no camera leh... (planning to get one real-real soon :D)

    eyeing on a 'legendary' compact cam .. haha

  6. bright:

    more than half of the photos above are captured using my nikon coolpix 3200 compact you know... 2004 camera haha. only few are caught using (ROT13) FYE. haha. btw i don't have the FYE now already =(. i miss it!!! how?

  7. aik.. what happen to it? i tot u bought the FYE..

  8. bright:

    nope. the FYE is not with me now. i will write about it some time in the future.

  9. icic.. alrite then. hope everything is fine :)


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