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Monday, 30 November 2009


I just can't believe it.

Where are the days when I used to trade Pokémon games with my friends in school?

Where are the days when we brought all sorts of junk food to school someday in October to celebrate children's day?

Where are the days when mathematics was literally as easy as 1+1?

Where are the days when paper, scissors, rock could entertain us for hours at a time?

Instead of eating candies, I now drink beer. Oh dear!

Instead of chatting about games online, I now talk about girls. Oh my gawsh!

Instead of doing nothing at home and getting frowned upon by my parents, I now do nothing at home. And don't get frowned. What the hell.

Why has time passed by so fast? I haven't finished enjoying my life as a young, innocent, cute and irresistibly adorable boy yet. It's not fair!!! I want you to go backwards, Time!

What? There's only 4 more weeks before we conclude this decade? 10 years passed? Already?!!!

Oh, that, and my cousin's getting married.

Already??!!! Damn, I AM getting old.

Oh by the way, congratulations to Yue Fang on her wedding.

Can I grow younger now?


  1. Haha! Good that you know ya growing up..
    better make good use of the coming decade, lest you then repeat this post. haha...

  2. Haha .. interesting reflection post. We're all getting older, even as I type this. So best make the most of it :P

  3. Joanna:

    yeah... i guess i have to stop fooling around. or at least try to haha.


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