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Thursday, 23 October 2008

More Sights of UNMC

One afternoon, I happily snapped dozens of photos of UNMC. And then I went back home, and exchanged my camera for my laptop, and went to school to upload the photos.

The library, where I online and upload my photos. Upload speed is super fast! Well over 300 kilobytes per sec, or 2.4Mbps.

I was rather happy with the day. It was sunny and bright, and my old and cheap camera had no problem taking great pictures of the school. The amount of time I spent under the hot sun has finally been translated to a photo post.

I didn't realised that there were more things to see at night. I left the library, and on my way home, I was stunned by even more beautiful sights of the campus. I hadn't been expecting that and didn't have my camera with me. The next evening I took my camera out for another swing, and so here comes the second photo blog on UNMC.

When the evening comes, the ducks go quack quack quack.

Representatives from Students Association (SA) feeding the ducks.

I even managed to snap a nice photo of the ducks, with the sunset reflected on the water.

A nice photos of the ducks swimming away.

Nottingham Lake at sunset.

The water and the sky.

Some international students just love to relax and enjoy the view, doing nothing more than just chatting away while the sun sinks into the horizon.

When night comes, the campus light up, and we see another side of UNMC.

The Dark Side of it.

Yeah right. The lightings of the campus are done rather well, and although it may not be as brightly lit as the Marina Bay Street Circuit, we still get fantastic views at night too.

I shot this outside the library. The lights are placed at the foot of the pillars, shooting upwards. It's good training for us to hold our heads up while we walk.

Some parts of the school are darker than the others, but the popular hangout spots, such as Students Association Building, Library, and Computer Centre are all brightly lit.

UNMC at night.

The amount of good lightings stretch as far as the bridge leading to Taman Tasik Semenyih (TTS), the housing area just beside the campus.

The bridge leading to TTS at night.

However, it stops right there. Everything was pitch black just metres away from the TTS end of the bridge - MPKj hadn't bothered to put up any lamp posts there.

Edit (23/10): Lamp posts near the bridge are now working. Thank goodness!

I hope you remember that I climbed a weird structure last time to get a semi-aerial view photo.

I climbed this last time to take photos.

It was shortly after that that I felt stupid for doing it. Because looking around, I spotted a sight-seeing tower, just a stone throw's distance away from it.

Well of course, like I always say, it depends on how far you can throw a stone.

The tower I spotted a bit too late.

It is two storeys tall, comes with a spiral staircase (instead of a vertical ladder), completed with a nice roof and the usual soft yellowish lightings. I can't believe I climbed the stupid thing last time and risked getting told off by security guards.

In fact the sight-seeing tower is strategically placed - it is right behind the amphitheatre, not far away from the fountain, also lit in yellow.

The fountain and tower at night.

I can't help but wonder. How could I miss it in broad daylight?

And then there's also the clocktower of the Administration block. The clocks and the university logos are brightly lit too. Talk about advertising.

The administration block at night.

When it gets dark, there's when my camera's weaknesses start to show. With ISO being limited to 100 and 200, it is virtually impossible to get sharp images at such dark situations. Shuttle speed was reduced to one whole second at times. So pardon me if you can't see the clock and the logo of the university - the parts were seriously overexposed over such long shuttle time. Here's a closeup view of the administration block with the logo.

Administration block bathed in yellow.

And of course there's the famous lake at night. The two lake fountains were lit, but not the jogging tracks. I spotted a jogger while going around taking pictures though. Watch for the ducks' droppings, dude!

It was so dark... It took me more than 10 tries to snap this view! And this isn't really satisfying yet.

Just to add a few more things to my previous UNMC post, on top of the amazing sports facilities here, they also have a multipupose outdoor field here. My guess is most would use it for soccer football games.

The outdoor field on a sunny morning.

But the time I visited this field, they were playing frisbee, the human game of fetch. I used to play it with my friends, too.

And oh, there's this punch bag to vent our tempers. Just snap a photo of the lecturers, print them out in life size, paste them to the bag, and have fun.

Punch-bob Squarepants!

I also spotted a table tennis rooms with two tables. Didn't catch the photos though.

I recently found hundreds of photos of UNMC in the school computer, done by professional photographers (instead of the poor imitation presented by the owner of this blog), but my guess is you are pretty tired of the sights of UNMC by now.

Ah well.


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