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Friday, 31 October 2008

Vid: Heaven Knows - Kiasuism

After some long wait, I finally produced another play-by-ear piano post. The video below is of me playing the Rick Price song Heaven Knows.

Recalling my first piano post, I was quite eager to compare myself with other play-by-ear pianists, so I played one of Jay Chou's songs, uploaded it to Youtube, and asked my friends to comment on it.

The Singapore National Anthem soon followed, while for the Malaysian National Day, I recorded Negaraku on audio.

After that I got requests to play the theme songs from Forrest Gump and Titanic. I gladly tried them on the piano, and feeling satisfied with myself, I went to Youtube and searched for similar videos.

My goodness. There are so many better versions around. I immediately threw mine aside.

I have to admit that I showed signs of Kiasuism here. Of course, nobody wants to be embarassed, but I think my versions aren't bad enough to embarass me.

I seriously need to fix this flaw. I can't live like this! This is agonising! It's excruciating! It's torture!

But then again, I'm not the only Kiasu ones around. Let's see... Who enrolls for tuition classes for their December holidays? Who registers for over 11 subjects for their SPM (Malaysian O-Levels equivalent)? How many people decided to continue studying after leaving secondary school?

How about those who immediately take their driving tests the very day they turn 17? Those who even preordered their cars before even passting their tests?

Those who got the very best cellphones even if they don't even know how to use the phonebooks? The Rolexes on their hands that glitter and shine under the Malaysian sun? The silver earrings that ring louder than windchimes with every single step of their Prada shoes?

Those who got wedding rings prepared before even meeting their partners? Those who got their new houses before they get engaged? Those who got babies before even married?

Erm, on second thoughts, I think I'm fine.


  1. Skill improve, and better than previous two,

    next time when u r free can play gundam song oso.


  2. um, you make me a 5 feet gundam robot den i play =D

    thx for feeding back tho, really appreciate it


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