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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

How to Transport a Glass Jar - Fashion Crime

I committed a crime so serious that I deserved to be put into jail for the rest of my life.

It all started one fine day when I decided to try cooking pasta (namely Macaroni) in school. I got a bag of Macaroni and a jar of pasta sauce.

Damn the sauce. I was so happy that it was contained in a glass jar when I bought it. It is easy to identify a good jar and a bad one. The latter is in millions of pieces, see. So I took a jar in one piece, paid, and went home.

Prego Fresh Mushroom Pasta Sauce!!! My sis's gonna love this.

It was until at home that I realised I was too clumsy to carry it all the way to school. I looked around, and spotted another jar. A plastic one. Perfect.

In one swift motion, I wrapped the jar in a plastic bag.

Then I filled the bottom of the plastic jar one one of my shirts.

That should make a good cushion, I thought. Then I wrapped the jar with another shirt, and stuffed them in.

Tada! The jar is now protected from all sides, except the top. Here goes the last shirt.

Voila! It is now invincible. Now I replace the cap.

Wow. No one can even tell I have a pasta sauce in the jar. Now it's safe from impacts as well as robberies.

The journey to school was good. I almost forgot that I had the jar in my bag and swung my luggage around clumsily as usual.

Well I said I nearly forgot because I didn't. I could hear my three shirts' muffled screams all the way to school.

"This is misuse!"

"We're meant to be displayed on your chest, not stuffed in a jar!"

"I'm stretched to my seams!"

I could almost hear the host of FashionTV asking to lock me up for fashion crime. And that's for a guys' underclothes. Imagine, say, Oprah, doing this to her Pradas.

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