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Friday, 10 October 2008

Half of Hundred

Mum celebrated her 50th birthday today.

Well, I used the word "celebrate" in want for a better one. You see, my family doesn't really celebrate birthdays.

OK, we do. But not ours.

Birthday parties, birthday cakes and such do not apply to us. I'm real thankful some of my friends organised outings and got me presents.

But then again people like mum may not want to be reminded of her birthday.

Imagine waking up to your teenage son bending over you, saying "Happy 50th, mum! You are officially an old lady now."

Now that wasn't really much of a happy birthday, was it?

Ah, of course that wasn't what I said to her. There are even more reasons for middle-age women not to celebrate their birthdays. Their ages are their biggest secret, remember?

If they do throw a birthday party, I'd probably write them a card "Happy Xth Birthday!". And "Happy (X+1)th Birthday" for the next year, "Happy (X+2)th Birthday for the next, etc. Well you figure out the progression.

I think she'd be happier if I purposefully forget her birthday next year.

She'd probably be even happier if I don't mention her real age in my blog.

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