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Thursday, 16 October 2008

What To Do When Your Toilet Bowl Jams

As the title suggests, just after three weeks of staying at the newly built Edusquare, something jammed my toilet bowl.

Everytime I flushed it, the water would rise to a dangerous level. It'd take a few minutes for it to drop to its normal level again.

Well, the toilet is shared between two rooms, me and my toilet-mate. I used to say "half roommate", as it's not really a roommate but it's more than a house-mate, but my house-mate came up with this brilliant name toilet-mate, which I fully agree.

Anyway I don't know what we did. What I remember was that after releasing my solids on Tuesday, it got stuck immediately.

I think it's my fault for eating too much wholemeal bread and cereal.

For two days I've lived with a half-operational toilet bowl, and I've figured out the dos and don'ts when you encounter one.

1. DO NOT drink more water. More water means dilute urine, and it's not everyday your personal perfume gets stored in the toilet for so long.
2. DO eat more wholegrain food. The cellulose in those things contribute to much of our droppings, and isn't collecting those things just fun?
3. DO flush the bowl more often. If it overflows we get free urine spa! Yay!
4. DO leave the toilet door wide open. It increases your appetite! If it doesn't, then use this opportunity to go on a diet. If you happen to vomit, do it into the bowl - it'll probably magnify the effect by several times.
5. DO boast about it in your blog. You don't get a jammed bowl every day!
6. DO empty your bladders and bowels more frequently into the bowl. Boy, they all start with the letter B!
7. DO NOT call the plumbers. They don't appreciate your private collections and consider them as useless as droppings.

OK, after two whole days, when the bowl began to smell like shit (literally), it cleared up all of a sudden.


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