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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

There's A Thing In My Pocket

There's a thing in my pocket.

It gives me endless entertainment on the go. Music, movies, videos, you name it. Loneliness and boredom is never a problem again.

It grants me a steady flow of internet access. Anywhere I go, I'm not afraid of getting out of touch with the world.

It is a map. Not just a map. With it, I can assure you that I'll never get lost again.

It is a communicator. A phone. A messenger. My friends and family are not a second out of reach.

It is a fashion accessory. Or a piece of art. Whichever it is, it never runs out of style.

It is my conscience. My companion. My guardian. My friend. With it, I'm never in trouble.

It is my advisor. My inspiration. My deity. I've never felt more confident with it in my pocket.

It is valuable. Coveted. Priceless. Anyone will trade anything for it.

It, is money.

It is not one thing, it is many.

But then again I may not have it in my pocket for long.

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