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Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Age Between Childhood and Adulthood

You know you're in it when

1. You cut your acne during your morning shave
2. You can neither fit into children's nor adult's clothes
3. You now love what you used to hate, which you used to love, and you hate what you used to love, which you used to hate.
4. You started to give attention to what you used to ignore. And you ignore what you so passionately pursued.
5. The end product of cleaning up your room consists of more and more hair - and a lot of them are thick and curly.
6. You start to make arrangements for life after school, yet isn't really prepared to leave school life yet.
7. You sing a different song everyday.
8. You visit a blog owned by someone aged between childhood and adulthood.
9. You spend more time on Facebook than reading your email.
10. You are tempted to write something on teenagehood before hitting the age 20.

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