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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Learning From Mistakes

Well, as they say, if people can't set an example for you, learn from their mistakes. So what are the lessons we should be learning from everyday blunders?

1. Forgetting to pay

Mum used to forget to pay for our food from time to time. I don't know, maybe she meant to teach us some valuable lessons here. For instance, "how to ask your companion to foot the bill". Or "how to tell the cook you didn't enjoy the food". Perhaps even "how to have your last supper before someone have your head for breakfast".

2. Leaving things behind

Forgetting things behind is rather common for everyone. Thumb drive in the computer room, keys in the car, everybody forgets. Just see how Britney Spears so oftenly leaves her brain at the rehabilitation centre, prompting her to go back to retrieve it.

3. Use of incorrect grammar

Yes! This can be so embarrassing. Just because of that one word, the meaning can be so entirely different. For example, dad once told me to pass a message to mum: bring the tortoise out, the smaller one. OK, we do have two tortoises at home, but I never knew that one is smaller than the other. And I was supposed to ask mum to bring the tortoise out to dad. It was after much questioning that I realise he meant the small and cute tortoise plaster statue.

Why can't he make more interesting mistakes? Like asking me to "bring the girl out", for instance?

4. Kitchen Chemist

Cooking is just like conducting a chemistry lab experiment. You throw in two everyday ingredients, and the next thing that happens can be either one of three possibilities. One: a miracle. Two: nothing. Three: disaster.

Similarly to the scientific counterpart, more disasters happen in cooking than nothingness, and more nothingness happens than miracles.

Ratatouille: everyone can cook. Yeah, but the outcome is not necessarily food.

And there you go. Moral of the story - Britney Spear's brain is removable. Cool!

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