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Saturday, 9 August 2008

VID: Olympics Opening and Singapore National Anthem

Yesterday night was a historical night for China.

It is needless to mention it here, as everybody knows that it was the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympics, Beijing 2008.

I took a peek at the "most expensive extravaganza the games has ever seen" that night.

And boy, it was really elaborate!

Thousands and thousands of people were involved in it. Sometimes it was hard to make out whether it was more crowded at the spectators' stands or at the performers' stage! Well, this certainly highlighted what China can do with their 1.3 billion people before India takes over them as the country with the most population.

But that's not all - all the traditional shows, dramas, dances, and performances! With nearly 4000 years of constant growth trajectory, the Chinese is one of the oldest surviving ancient civilisations, and they surely wowed the world with merely half (2000 years) of their stories!

And wait, the fireworks! It was so spectacular! Everything else seemed to lost its shine to the wildfire spread across 29 spots in Beijing. This surely reminds us who the inventors of the fireworks were.

But hey, I'm not going to elaborate about the Olympics here. The television I watched on was horribly small, and I'm sure many of you had a much better view.

Plus, that's yesterday. Today, something else is happening. 9th of August - the National Day of Singapore!

Well, there's no reason for me to celebrate it, actually. Anyway, I played Singapore's National Anthem by ear on the piano and here it is!

While you are watching, why not hop over to my sister's photo album and take a look at photos on the rehearsal of Singapore's National Day Parade?

To all Singaporeans, happy National Day! Sorry if I didn't do it properly, I only had 1 hour's time to do it. Will do better next time!

To all non-Singaporeans, you can listen to other versions of the song in Wikipedia. These sound much nicer than mine, I tell you!

PS - if you're wondering why the video sounds so horrible, my sister was sleeping while I was playing it and I had the practice (muffling) pedal down. Sorry about that!


  1. can i suggest your next song?

    Forrest Gump theme..

    The url for piano score is below:

    all in all, good job haha.

  2. lol. die-hard forrest gump fan?

    well i usually play by ear, which means i don't refer to scores at all. but i don't think it'll be convenient to decipher the theme from the movie, so ok, for once i'll try playing it from a prepared score.

  3. then can i book for the next song after forrest gump?

    Titanic theme!!

    LOL im being greedy huh?

    I'll be back during cny, 1 week piano crash course for me?


  4. sorry to tell you that forrest gump theme will not be the next. negaraku comes first. not the kuku version tho haha.

  5. ...

    do you know that youtube is FILLED with dozens of forrest gump and titanic themes? it's lucky you picked two nice and easy songs, otherwise i would have turned down your requests


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