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Monday, 25 August 2008

Four Years

After 16 days of drama, the 2008 Summer Olympics has finally come to an end. For many of us it seemed rather short for a multi-billion dollar activity.

However, no one can doubt that a lot has happened during these days. There's Liu Xiang's tragic exit from the 110m hurdles. The Jamaicans also managed to zoom to glory, thrashing world records aside. Needless to say, swimmer Michael Phelps collected 8 gold medals for the 8 events he participated, in which he broke 7 world record times and another Olympic time. Not to mention the "most successful Olympian" and "most gold medals won in an Olympic" stuff.

It'll be another four years before the next Olympics. Four years may not be that long for baby boomers, but for us who are still going through the different stages of life rapidly, many things can happen within that 200 weeks. No one can deny that big changes occurred to them between each opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Let's give some examples.

Four years from now, I'll probably own a new cellphone and computer. Much better ones too.

Four years from now, I'll have graduated, and probably have a job in hand too. Good thing, as I'm tired of two decades of spending money.

Four years from now, Malaysia will be getting ready for another general election. This is something to look forward to - nothing, even the Olympics, can be as dramatic as Malaysian politics.

Four years from now, Vista will probably be getting obsolete as Microsoft roll out new "wows". Or maybe, by then a new operating system by Microsoft will not be a wow anymore when another OS takes over Windows as the most widely used OS in the world.

And another four years after that, most of us would be involved in relationships. Or would have been.

Another four, we may have evolved from being children to parents.

And another four, from proud parents to er, parents who wish they weren't parents.

That doesn't matter. The point is, time passes by fast, doesn't it? Or rather, we grow up quickly, don't we?

So, is there more drama during the Games or between them?


  1. The game itself sum up the drama of 4 years, or perhaps even more than that.

    Sigh, even so, i surely miss the old tarc time. Nothing beats that. Make sure we meet up when im back k!!

    LOL, i wan to go cameron. can?

  2. too bad we have to wait another 4 years for that.

    i can't promise anything about cameron. I don't have much holidays after september until erm, june next year.

  3. JUNE!!?? i'll be rotting in australia by then.

    How long is your cny break??

    Klang bah kut teh!!


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