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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Am I "Cute"?

I went out for a movie with a few of my friends the other day - two men and two ladies. Two of us guys were poking fun at the other guy, and being born in the year of the snake, I showcased my ability to retaliate anything at all with pure poison. I was certainly dominating until I heard something.

One of the two girls (whom I met for the first time) pointed at me halfway through my lecture and squeaked while pointing at me "He's sooooo cute!!!!".

This expression caught me by surprised and I was immediately stunned. At that moment I felt more like a squashed worm rather than a venomous viper.

Of course, every guy would like to be called cute, hot, good-looking, handsome, sexy, and so on. And upon reaching our, er, mating ages, we are bound to come across these phrases very oftenly. But when expressions like those come at the least expected time, they can really cloud your mind!

Well, I have to admit that I am not bad looking. At times, I even surprised myself when I managed to get myself to be good-looking accidentally. Like getting my hair wet after a shower, for instance. I'm a killer with spikey hair! (Or so I think XD)

But then, I don't see why I deserved such an exaggerated compliment. I mean, what was so nice about me? My small, tired eyes covered by heavy eyelids? My pimply, spotted skin with a wild mixture of acne and facial hair? My curly, messy, oily, smelly, dandruff-y hair that never gets into order? My mouldy and nerdy-looking glasses which I wanted to get rid of for ages?

And mind you, I got that special compliment a few times that night. I couldn't even come up with a proper counter-attack for the subsequent encounters!

The only way to stop the embarrassment is to shield ourselves with a cuter guy.

This proved effective when everything turned back to normal after 2 hours of watching Pixar's new film, WALL-E.

By the way, the film is real good. Thanks Pixar for making such a good film. And for saving my neck that night!


  1. Aiseh, someone reach his mating age d??

    Hahaha, not bad huh?

    GoGoGo, play hard, but play safe!

    Safety comes first =P

  2. Wenqi has grown up, we should share his joy ma.. btw, im really considering dropping robot design, i like to hear your advice wenqi.

    this is the url for my subjects:

    basically i am exempted for year1 sem 2, year 2 sem1. I am in year 2 sem 2 now, taking fluids, Gen eds from year 3 sem 2, as well as robot design and comp appl.

    Need some advice. Should i drop ka?
    Seriously, im so stressed up working with my mates. C++ oso dunno, matlab oso dunno, crap!

  3. zzz!!! who was the one who got the er, lubricant. spread all over his hair during the farewell party?

  4. and are you sure she's pointing at the right person.

  5. sadly, yes. 100%. and i told you, she gave me the exaggerated compliment a few times that night. i could have mistaken it for once, but not for three times in a row. i wasn't drunk, i assure you, although i may or may not seem cuter so.


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