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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Pirates, Beware!

If you're using a pirated copy of Microsoft Windows XP Professional, of if you're not sure that you are, beware! Microsoft is checking the validity of your OS through the internet. And if you fail, your access to your computer will be limited!

Well, there's always a way around it. You can purchase a legal copy of Microsoft Windows. Doesn't have to be XP, it can be one of the many Vista packages too. Please bring with you a couple of hundreds of ringgit while you go Windows-shopping.

Oh, while you're at it, make sure you get a legal copy of Microsoft Office 2007 too. It's not too expensive, another few hundred for a student bundle which includes Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

But then most people will have a copy of Adobe Photoshop in their computers. Seeing the fact that the price of the software is skyhigh, I think they are probably using underwater versions of it too.

Add those things with a genuine copy of Nero CD/DVD/BD burner, a valid version of Norton security suite, and original Warcraft III installer...

Oh wait, then there's the thousands of songs in your computer. Erm, how many albums do you need to buy to fully legalise them?

Wait, I think those things cost much more than a new computer.

It's just not fair. Bill Gates is already that rich and we still have to pay that much of money for that much of software. Those things aren't even edible! You can't even touch them! You can only see them but can't get to them! It's torturous! Yet we are still charged! Charged for torturing ourselves!

Erm, charged as in asked to pay, not as in sued in court.

For me I've dumped Windows on my old desktop. It's almost 5 years old anyway, and I don't do much with it other than going online, chatting, and watching TV shows. I've install Ubuntu Linux instead. It certainly feels good to use LEGALLY FREE software. Goodbye Microsoft Office! Goodbye Norton! Goodbye Photoshop! Goodbye Windows!

Anybody wants to join me?

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