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Friday, 1 August 2008


None of you probably noticed, but the labels went missing some weeks ago. I decided that my topic distribution was made too unevenly among the numerous labels, leading to many posts under "Tech" and "Others" and only a few under "For the Country".

Tsk tsk tsk... Boys today won't fight for their countries.

Well anyway, the labels are back. I gave my labels an overhaul. Posts are now divided onto fewer categories, and although they are still of different sizes, I assure you that none will be dummies for long periods of time.

The categories are:
1. Sights - Sounds - Thoughts
My primary focus of this blog. What I see, what I hear, and what I wonder. Hoot if you think differently.
2. Growing Up
The pains and gains of entering adulthood. I sense a new category "Growing Old" coming up in a little over a decade's time.
3. Tech
Spellbooks, magic wands, unicorns, and ancient castles.
4. About Owl
I usually focus on other things, it's time for other things to focus on me!
5. Other Owls
Miscellaneous hoots.

I hope these new changes will lead to newer contents, what about you?

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