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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Disable Toilet

"Disable toilet!"

"Yes sir!"

So I went into the toilet, and gave the bowl a big pile of my ultra high-fibre dung.

And then I flushed! Woohoo! A wonderful concoction of water and dung and piss, stuck in the bowl.

"Toilet disabled, sir!"

The next morning, the sign read "Disabled Toilet".

Spotted this in Kajang KTM station. It should say Accessible Toilet.

I know some readers are going to say "this is a crap post". Don't worry, you're only going to receive, hmmm, two more such posts before I finish my exams.


  1. haha... wat the crap...

    but good one... :D | i'll post my crap on my blog soon .. release exam tension haha

  2. it's crap, but it's good crap right? haha. thx for the feedback


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