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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Three Stages of Education

Well most people of my age has been through all three stages of education before. Boringly named Primary, Secondary, and Tertiery (why can't they be something like Alicia, Bell, and Catherine instead) levels, each level is distinct from the others.

Oh yes, they're more different than you think they are.

1. Writing tool
Alicia Primary - pencil. Write and rub! It's kinda amusing seeing little children exerting so much force on their tiny erasers.
Bell Secondary - pen . That's when something call "liquid paper" comes in handy.
Catherine Tertiery - computer printer .Because it's easier to copy and paste this way.

2. Writing material
Primary - small books oftenly called "Primary School Exercise Books".
Secondary - B3-sized exercise books (called note books for no reason).
Tertiery - foolscap (if plagiarism is an issue) or A4 paper (otherwise).

3. Don't hand up your homework in time and...e
Primary - get scolded, caned, and humiliated
Secondary - get reminded to hand up the next day
Tertiery - nothing else happens

4. Skip classes and...
Primary - get dragged up stage during weekly assembly and scolded, caned, and humiliated in front of the whole school
Secondary - get chased by discipline master to class
Tertiery - nothing else happens

5. Transport
Primary - walk, school bus, parents' car
Secondary - ride motorcycle, drive car
Tertiery - null, stay in school. If we can't go to school, let the school come to us.

6. Exam pressure
Primary - nervous (lack of experience) . Remember the teachers reading the questions aloud to us?
Secondary - cool (used to examinations) . Don't know the answer? ABCD - pick your favourite.
Tertiery - phobia (fed up of examinations). Is it ever going to end?

7. Knowledge source
Primary - "Mama! Papa!" . We were fools to trust them this much.
Secondary - Textbooks. These are more boring than talking to your dead rabbit.
Tertiery - Google, Wikipedia . Best friends ever, and they always know the answer. And they never care if we copy them.

Gawsh. Don't we just love the days we spend in school? (Pssst, do I sound sarcastic at all?)


  1. entertainment

    primary - cartoon
    secondary - porn
    tertiary - abdullah!

  2. er, this is EDUCATION, try not to steer too far lol


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