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Friday, 30 January 2009

2009 for Me

Over Chinese New Year, I've watched Feng Shui shows and books that predict my luck for the year. I'll share some of them here, those I remember, and let's see if they come true!

1. Travel Luck

A book I read mentioned that I have a luck to travel this year, and advised me to start saving early to avoid problems.

2. Romance

I will not have much luck in romance this year. Yeah as if I had a lot of them.

3. Career

Feng Shui Da Shi advised me to help others, as it will bring luck to me.

4. Lucky colour

Black. Obama!

5. Wealth

Will be OK this year. But I'm not even working yet!

6. Lucky months

May to mid-July, and October. October will see "a lot of social activity".


  1. travel luck, mean u got chance to get known wif girl in other place, i m jealous.....y not me.....

  2. ...

    this fella... always girls girls girls only.

  3. thats is the exact symptom of the pervert disease.. and it's incurable


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