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Saturday, 17 January 2009

KTM Says: Use Your Brain... Later

Well it couldn't be more obvious that Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), one of Malaysia's major transit operator, is trying to teach Malaysians some common sense.

Since some three months ago, colour-coded lines are drawn onto the platforms of major stations, starting from the disastrous KL Sentral station. This is done to aid commuters to queue up properly.

Um, this, along with a signboard teaching commuters how to queue up.

Surprisingly, and totally out of my expectations, it works!

Well before the train arrives at the platform anyway, that's when people forget about queueing.

However KTMB themselves doesn't seem to have much common sense either. KTMB has been improving their services, and they seem to entertain us along the way too. I recently covered the Disabled Toilet issue seen at the Kajang KTM station. Last time I checked, it was still there. Doesn't a single KTMB employee read my blog?

They don't? Oh good. I can reveal yet another blunder by KTMB.

You see, KTMB has been trying to ask people to stand on the left side of escalators. So, they put a sign saying "Please stand on the left to allow others to pass."

Unfortunately... Can you tell what's wrong with the following picture?

I'm really sorry if it's a bit blur and dark. My cheapo camera just couldn't take the lighting conditions of the platform.

Well but don't tell me you can't see that the sign is placed at the wrong side of the escalator. It's place not at the beginning, but at the end! What's more, it's even facing the wrong side - the reverse is blank. It happens to the escalator going up as well.

Actually the signs aren't placed wrongly at all. It's just that the escalators are going the wrong way.

Seriously, anybody here a KTMB employee?

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