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Saturday, 4 April 2009

New to Owl Order?

First time visiting? Can't find your way around? Don't know which posts to read?

Or are you a loyal fan of my blog and want to recall the best blog posts since its first day? Oh wait, my blog doesn't have any 'loyal fans'...

Here are the few posts I would recommend you to start with. I rate their lengths in brackets as well, so you can choose the shorter ones if you're busy or lazy!

Photo Posts
Photo posts are those I wrote just to share the photos. Text are added to support the pics, so you can skip them if you're not that interested. Click on the pics to see higher res photos.
1. Sights of Pulau Ketam (length: 5/5) - fishing village in Selangor
2. Sights of UNMC (length: 5/5) - my university
3. More Sights of UNMC (length: 4/5)
4. Refreshing Sights of Cameron Highlands (length: 4/5)
5. Moving on to Next Station (length: 3/5) - photos of my college

Short Posts
Nobody likes to stare at the monitor for hours at a time. That's why I usually refrain myself from writing posts too long (with variable successes).
1. How I Plan to Spend My First Paycheck (length: 2/5)
2. Geeky Jokes (length: 1/5)
3. ABC for Nerds (length: 1/5)
4. Disable Toilet (length: 1/5)
5. Things I Do Non-Stop On the Net (length: 3/5)

Video Posts
Have some bandwidth to spare? Why not let the videos do the talking?
1. Piano - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (length: 1/5)
2. Piano - What's That Song? (length: 1/5)
3. Mum! My Food is Moving! (length: 2/5)

Nonsense Posts
Just for fun!
1. Confession - I'm Not Straight (length: 4/5) - make sure you READ TILL THE END or don't read at all.
2. The Lesser You Know, The Better (length: 5/5) - long, but you can skip the all-jargon parts.
3. My Disgusting Things (length: 4/5)

Some tips:
1. Click on the Big Red Seal on each page to get to the home page!
2. All click-able links are blue, and all clicked links are purple.
3. Titles of all posts are clickable.
4. All photos with the Red Seal are taken personally by me (or using my camera). The others aren't.
5. Most photos have captions underneath them. You can click on photos with captions prefixed with [AoF] (available on Flickr) or [HiRes] (high resolution) tags to view higher resolution images of the photos.
6. Leave a message when you visit!
7. Have fun!

Hope you find this place interesting!

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