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Sunday, 17 February 2008

VID: Mum! My food is moving!

Late December, 2007, I went to KLCC Suria and ordered a plate of Teriyaki Chicken Don from one of their food courts.

The stall I ordered from.

I had some fun looking at the cook frying my chicken.

The cook frying my chicken. Do you think he looked a bit unnatural?

After taking these two photos, I was told off by one of the staffs there, saying that photo taking at KLCC food courts were prohibited. Anyway, I nodded and kept my camera, although not my intentions to take more photos.

So here's another photo.

The Teriyaki Chicken Don I ordered.

I was keen to disappear from the staff's eyesight as soon as possible, so I quickly paid for my food and dashed away with my tray without paying much attention to the contents of the bowls.

And this lead me to a bit of a shock upon sitting down. My food was moving! Well, I'm not sure if it's common to see moving food, but I've heard of people from China serving dishes of fish, with their bodies deep fried, but their heads still gasping for air upon being served to customers.

Don't worry, this scene isn't that horrible.

I can't be sure what those things were as I am not experienced in cuisines, even after eating them. My guess was they were sheets of onion, and the heat from the fried chicken and the rice caused the onion to twist or something.

Actually, I didn't feel like eating them - they were quite a good sight.

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  1. well, the first time i saw that moving thing i oso got a big shock, snd i dare not eat it too. cos it moving. but then after a few time, i fell its quite delicious.. haha, and actualy its not really moving, its jus somekind of thing that 'move' when there is heat or 'wap air' kind of things


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