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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

How I Plan to Spend My First Paycheck

Ever since I entered university I began day-dreaming on graduating and getting myself a job. Maybe because graduation is within the horizon now (yeah right, I still have 27 more months to go), or maybe because of the excruciatingly expensive school fees, I don't know, but I do know that I've made plans on how to spend my first paycheck.

1. treat my family and friends to a meal
This is a must! They have always stood by me all this while, gave me a shoulder to lean on, legs to hold, and bodies to hug. Skip this and they'll serve my head for dinner. I'm gonna bring them to some place glamorous, like a five-star restaurant in the city centre with personal waiters and live music performances. Whoa...
Price: RM500? Depends on number of people involved.

So far: RM500

2. get a new Casio Tough Solar watch
I love my G-Shock watch my mum gave me 11 years ago. But it's pretty worn out now, and although I still love it, I figure I'd need a more decent looking one for more official or serious events.
Price: RM500

So far: RM1000

3. get a new QWERTY phone
I've always wanted a decent QWERTY phone, but these phones are just too expensive for me to afford now. I should be able to afford one by then.
Price: RM2500?

So far: RM3500

4. get a new laptop
My 2-year-old ASUS A8j is magnificent. It's still doing well and I have yet to format it for the first time. However, everybody knows that computers have a limited lifetime, and I would definitely need one after I graduate. How can I live without one?
Price: RM4000?

So far: RM7500

5. get a Digital Single Lens Reflective camera (DSLR)
I'm currently stuck with my dad's old Nikon 3200 point-n-shoot, which has rather poor specifications. For you idiotic megapixel-inclined people, it's a 3.2MP camera. But I'm unhappy with its lack of flexibility, ISO (maxes at 200), aperture and shutter speed (no manual configuration), dynamic range, zoom...
Price: RM3000?

So far: RM10500

6. get a girlfriend
Nobody wants to be single. I don't think it's appropriate to get a partner now, because my mum's paying me to study, not for me to spend it on someone else. Of course, when I'm earning my own salary, it'll be a completely different story.
Price: more than I can afford

So far: RM...

Oh wait, my first paycheck isn't gonna be that big.

Perhaps I'll just make do with the family and friends treat.


  1. am i your friend??

    oO prolly rm500 is not enough for me alone hahaha..

  2. wah cutthroat friend. Den treat family can d =D. Now on E71 haha.

  3. ei.. got urself ur qwerty phone yet?

    HTC S740 seems like a good one... approx RM 1350(i plan to get one xD)

    good specs, wifi, qwerty.. etc etc

    but not touch enabled la...


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