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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Three Things I Thought I'd Never Do

One year ago, if you were to suggest any hairstyle to me (other than the usual military-style), I would have laughed and say you're crazy.

My usual self, taken three hours before this.

And yet, believed it or not, I used hair-gel to styled my hair last week.

If you think I'm joking, well, I couldn't believe I was doing it either. The small tube of gel came with my face wash as a free gift. I thought I could keep it for years, but then I quickly noticed its expiry date, which was written to be in 2010.

The face wash and the hair gel.

Well, want not, but let's waste not, right? Might as well put it to good use. After all, I've done my personal Chinese Calligraphy exhibition, and if I could pull off that trick, there's nothing in this world I couldn't do.

So I stood in front of the mirror, squeezed some gel onto my palm, and started to run my hands onto my hair. I laughed and laughed like a maniac while doing it - I am so not used to seeing me that way.

The expiry date of the hair gel.

Ten minutes later...

I stood still, looking at the mirror, my jaws tired of laughing. OK, perhaps I'd do better as a Calligraphy than a hair stylist. Then I spotted the camera sitting on my table, and that's when I did the second thing I'd never do.

Self-portrait photography.

I mean, if I could be a hair-stylist, I could definitely be a self-portrait photographer like the next girl you meet on the street, right?

I picked my Nikon up, and immediately felt ultimately stupid - I'm shooting myself with the camera! Once again I felt like bursting into laughter, but my jaws were just too exhausted and I sniggered instead.

Well it appears that shooting yourself is easier with the gun. I kept missing myself with the camera!

Oops! Missed!

And it's no wonder why girls always complain of themselves being too fat. The fish-eye effect of cameras really adds pounds to your weight.

Gawsh! I'm 30 lbs heavier!

OK, at last I got a satisfying shot, after dozens (literally) of tries. So now what? Maybe I'd put it up to my blog.

And I thought I had "durian" hair!

Oh wait, I can't stand all the zits I have in the photo! While I'm a self-portrait photographer, why not edit my own photos as well?

I can't believe that I was actually thinking about it.

I don't have Adobe Photoshop at my disposal, but my Ubuntu Linux comes with GIMP, which contains most of Photoshop's features. I clicked on it, and disappeared behind my laptop for about 15 minutes.

Some time later...

What next? Thicker neck? Stubble?

Whoa. I felt like I was doing Before and After.


Don't see any difference? OK, I'm neither a hair stylist, nor a self-portrait photographer, nor a photo-editor.


  1. your new hairstyle looks good :D

  2. lol

    nah i'm not keeping it. too troublesome

    thx for the compliment anyway

  3. lol...

    duwan la... feel so feminine spending so long in front of the mirror, then shooting myself with the camera, then trying to remove every single pimple from my face using GIMP

    ew. no thx. i'm asking mum to give me a haircut again soon

  4. aiya do it once in a bluuuuuuuuuuuue moon lor =p

  5. haha. aiya no mood to spend the time tidying up my hair la. getting hair shaved is still better. at least it looks masculine and is tidy without any effort


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