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Friday, 6 March 2009

Calligraphy Exhibition: Thanks!

Opening ceremony crew holding my writing.

My solo exhibition is finally over. Yay...!!!

I've been preparing for this event since June 2008. And I'm proud to say it has concluded satisfyingly.

Of course it wasn't just my effort. Thanks to the organising committee of this event - mainly the chairperson and the two hosts of the day.

Chairperson of the event.

For Klang Gan Association, I don't even know where to start. Without you, we wouldn't have today's MoDian to start with!

Oh, and to Instructor Kerk too, for his patience throughout the decade, as well as his efforts on this event, such as the stage decoration and the newspaper articles.

A short article on the opening ceremony, appearing on Sin Chew Daily on 3rd March, Monday. My teacher, Klang Gan Association bigheads, and me are all in it.

Many thanks to Yv Mei (玉妹) aunty too, for her help in post processing my works. You did a fantastic job, despite a little hiccup on er, one of my many works. Oh, and I love your gift too!

Thanks a lot for Yv Mei (玉妹) aunty for this brush stand! Love it!

Lastly, thanks a lot to my friends, family, relatives, calligraphy-mates and their families who have stood by me all this while. Especially those who have took their time to attend the ceremony! Some even came down from as far as KL. I've invited many people, and you're the few who turned up, and boy, you made my day.

Oh, then there's calligraphy-mates' parents who brought in delicacies too. I really appreciate your help and support.

Me and my few cousins.

OK if I drag on and on it would be like I have just won an Oscar. I hope you enjoyed the event!

PS. I've made another seal for the exhibition. It is a much better one compared to the one I'm currently using as my blog header, seeing the fact that I'm now more experienced, and also that I've had help from my teacher and calligraphy-mate C. Y. Tan in the process (many thanks!). See the picture below, and leave a comment!

The new seal sucks when put on dark background! Which one do you like more?


  1. there is a dragon in the sky

  2. lol... i took the picture because of that. but i put it here just to test the watermark la


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