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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Campus Security

It's no laughing matter when it comes to campus security.

All day round you see guards patrolling the school grounds. Dozens of CCTVs are installed throughout the premises. The perimeter is surrounded by 2-meter high fences. Guardhouses can be found at both entrances to the school.

It certainly feels as if the security could qualify for an airport or country border.

Several months ago, when I first came to UNMC, I went around the school shooting photos and was quite amused when the in-campus hostel reminded me horribly of a prison.

I surely wouldn't want to stay in prison. Especially after what people say, "school is a prison everybody must experience". I have to go to school, but sleeping in prison AFTER school is surely avoidable.

I mean WAS avoidable.

My off-campus house was already armed with a guardhouse. The guardhouse was merely feet from my house and I'm sure the guards could even hear my irritating snores at night.

However, accidents still happen.

In late November 2008, a UNMC student was killed after a misunderstanding, just few minutes away from my place.

That, added with a series of burglaries and break-ins, simply meant tightening security in campus wasn't enough.

So one fine day, I came home from school to find the walls of my house taller by one whole foot. Not with anything, but with BARBED WIRES.

Wow. I can feel my wings dropping off already. All of sudden the trees beyond the fence look greener, the birds livelier, and the skies bluer.

OK maybe not the skies.

The ironic thing is that however tall our fences are, we don't have a gate. Any burglars reading this?

No, please don't get us gates! At least real prisoners get free food and no one'll bother them around if they skip classes or don't hand in assignments.

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