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Saturday, 6 June 2009

How I Got My X1

About one month ago, I bought a new mobile phone (I'm still not comfortable calling it a phone, by the way), the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

My Sony Ericsson X1.

The X1 is a first for Sony Ericsson in many ways. It is the first globally released Sony Ericsson phone to
1. run Windows Mobile (although this may actually be a negative point)
2. have a screen larger than 2.6" (P1i was the SE phone with the biggest screen at 2.6")
3. be able to capture VGA (640 x 480 pixels) videos (yet-to-be-released SE Satio will the the second)
4. utilise the more widely accepted standards of microSD, 3.5mm audio jack, and miniUSB (SE phones usually employ Fast Port and m2 memory cards)
5. sport a astonishingly high capacity battery of 1500mAh (still the largest in market)
6. employ the ingenious arc slider design

The phone, the phone package, the microSD package (package only!), and invisible shield package.

If you expect such a phone to be expensive, you're right. A new original set of the X1 will cost you about RM2500 (actually there are people selling new original sets at about RM2000 online). You can always opt for the so called "Authorised Products", AP sets, at about RM1900 each.

I've actually been saving for two years to get a new phone. Money doesn't come easily for students. But after spending RM800 for my Chinese Calligraphy exhibition, you can hardly expect me to willingly spend RM2500 for a new phone.

Newspaper article about my exhibition in February.

So how did I get RM2500 for a phone? Well, I didn't - I visited Lowyat.Net (LYN) instead.

Sometime after my first paper, I went to LYN for a visit. My friend just got a second-hand first generation iPhone for RM1000 from someone there, and I thought it was a bloody good deal. So I went to the marketplace, typed in "Xperia", and hit Enter.

After some reading (and a failed dealing attempt), I came across this thread started by someone called Adel'le. Quickly and enthusiastically, I gave Adel'le a message. We ended up messaging each other (and a phone call or two) for the next 12 hours, and we struck a deal.

I would purchase the three-week-old original Sony Ericsson X1, without the microSD card, for RM1700.

The bundled 1GB microSD comes with original Hancock movie. Since our deal didn't include the memory card, I only get the package, but not the microSD card.

Reasonably good deal, isn't it? About RM400 cheaper than the cheapest new set you can get online.

Sony Ericsson X1 comes with Panels. Panels are different types of home screens to fit different needs.

I went home the next day to get my cash (I don't keep that much cash in school) before meeting with Adel'le. I had dinner with my family and I told my mum about it. My mum had always been pessimistic about online trading (I'm not very sure if she's gotten over that yet) and immediately started to worry about online scams and kidnappings and threats and such.

"Who are you going with?" she demanded.

"Er, no one?"

Even the package itself is presented in three boxes, to remind customers of Panels functionality.

In the end, she insisted on witnessing the trade with her own eyes. I reluctantly agreed on this, and we set off for Subang Jaya KTM station. I don't understand why I chose that location, seeing the fact that I hate KTM so much.

We arrived at the trading spot some 10 minutes late (I'm so sorry, Adel'le!) and was greeted by a gorgeous looking lady (and her boyfriend). Don't ask me how good looking she is, I only had my attention on the X1. Meanwhile, mum stood some 10 metres away, watching us.

Even the user manual is split to multiple booklets. OK OK, enough of Panels already!

I toyed with the X1 (with trembling hands) for the next, what, 20 minutes? After I declare it to be in superb condition, I paid Adel'le the amount of money we agreed on, and we left.

Adel'le even left me her business card. Apparently she works at Ericsson. The name written on her card isn't Adel'le, by the way. Can I be your intern next year? XD

That was not the last I heard from Adel'le, though.

The very same week, I received a message from her, telling me she still had her X1 warranty card with her, asking for ways to pass it to me. I was glad I bumped into such an honest and dedicated trader in my very first online trade. Two days later, a courier service left a message for me in my mailbox, asking me to claim a package at the post office.

Quite some similarities, eh? No, you don't see my reflection on the screen of the phone =P.

It has been one month now, and I've pushed my phone to the limit repeatedly. I flashed (format) it at least 10 times, installed programs to tweak the registry, reset it countless times, and installed quite a number of utilities and programs.

And my X1 is still working great. I have several grudges, but none of them are related to it being second hand at all.

Will I trade online again? Well, most probably yes. But not that soon, I guess.


  1. i see you have highlighted the word 'good-looking' lady lol.

    go ebay haha, lotsa good deal there if you know how to play by their rule.

    damn plan to melb forced to cancel thanks to swine fluuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. australia quite scary now. you're holidaying again? why are aussians always holidaying? i don't even have time to stop and watch house season 5 even though I'm actually "enjoying" my summer break

  3. fyi, i am a malaysian in aus, not aussian LOL.

    Now is study break laaa

  4. well the aussians set the holidays.

    why are our comments discussion always going out of topic?

  5. hei...I just got my xperia very new to me..any software that recommend me to download for it? and how to watch youtube yea? me


  6. Tris:

    Tristan Tang? is that you? you got X1? wth?

    i'm currently using windows mobile 6.5, custom made ROM by gtrab. you can find a lot of ROMs here so look around, download a few, try them, and see which one you like most.

    for youtube. gtrab's winmo 6.5 xpert ROM comes with a youtube panel. or you can use coreplayer (not free), it can play most video formats, including .avi, .flv, and is able play youtube videos as well.

    for software keyboard, try finger keyboard. it's good when you need to send messages one handedly, since the hardware keyboard requires both hands. you should be able to find it in


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