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Saturday, 30 May 2009

One-Word Descriptions for KTM

To describe...

The station floors
- spotty (click to see why!)

The employees' uniform
- blue
Nice try, but wearing uniform of my favourite colour isn't gonna make me like KTM any better.

The tracks
- uneven

The engines
- loud

The speed
- slow

Interval between trains
- you-know-how-short

Recorded announcements
- annoying
You know the announcement asking us to "stand behind the yellow line", "take care of our belongings" and stuff? It was bloody recorded and if the employees are bored, they'll just play it over and over again, non-stop.

The lines on the platforms
- colourful
Yellow, Green, Red and Blue, to be exact.

The location of the stations
- isolated
Some stations are almost literally in the middle of nowhere!

The (paper) tickets
- 80s. Not 1980. 1880s.

Touch 'n Go implementation
- cheater!
TnG once cheated me of some RM20 for one journey! Since then I don't use TnG anymore. Don't worry, the TnG implementations of the other transits are safe to use.

Trains' air-conditioning
- steaming

Trains' seats
- small
It is always amusing, seeing those big, beefy, muscular men, trying to squeeze into one seat.

The Train floors
- wet
Especially when it's raining. Plus with the uneven condition of the tracks, the water will flow here and there and everywhere.

The people riding the trains
- uncivilised
My definition of being uncivilised is the inability to think for others.

The service
- un-bypass-able
However grumpy I may be, I can't do without it. Oh well.


  1. KTM kajang really2 spotty...
    i agree with you
    UNIM UNMC blog

  2. eh.... sg oso many uncivilised ppl..

  3. MAKI:

    well i haven't spent enough time in sg to notice that lol


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