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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ads Can Be Anywhere

In the 21st century, advertisements are everywhere, in all sorts of forms. Not just the usual newspaper columns and TV commercials.

Internet banners.

Short messages.

Visa/credit/debit cards.

The latest form of ad comes in the name of Facebook. Facebook is generally filled with advertisements disguising as so called "applications". Take this test where the results are products to be advertised, play that game where you drive a car made by the advertising company, and such. You know what I mean.

Those are ingenious, actually, but they didn't really surprised me when I came to realise that they are advertisements.

What surprised me is this.

The bottom line says "UniTen New Student Intake for June 09 session open now."

Great. Now even my electric bill comes with advertisements.

I should join an advertising company. They never run out of business despite the economic downturn.


  1. i think this is not a vry good idea for advertising...who will catch the words if didnt read the word 1by1....ppl like me always go to the total amount only...haha

  2. lol yalo. the electric bill nowadays fill with so many damn codes, numbers, balance, lines, barcodes, etc. personally i'd just check out the bottom right corner too.

    still, they tried. haha.


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