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Thursday, 14 May 2009

One More Thing I Do Non-Stop On the Net: Lowyat.Net

Some time ago I blogged about four things I do whenever I surf the web. Minus mail-checking, of course.

Today I'm gonna add one to the list. Just one because that's a big one.

Comes in the name of Lowyat.Net (LYN).

LYN is probably Malaysia's biggest forum. Ever. And growing.

Almost every Malaysian friend (OK male ones) I know visits the forum regularly, at least weekly. Many may think, so what? It's just a forum. How much can you do in a forum?

Well I was one of those, until I started visiting. I enjoy myself so much, visiting the forum, even though I don't have a LYN account! So what can you do there?

1. Seek for Advice

Not just for computer related advice, just about any advice at all.

There's the photography sub-forum, where users show off their DSLRs with even heavier price tags than a new Proton Iswara.

Then there's the mobile phone sub-forum, the one I used to visit the most. You never knew the potential of your cell-phone until you visit this sub-forum.

There are also other sub-forums where you can ask for advice including very sensible and serious discussions such as education and careers, but one particularly interesting one is "Health and Fitness".

2. Trading

There's a marketplace there, where people sell all sorts of stuff. Want to buy some second hand stuff? Newspaper's classified proved to messy to you? Or have some stuff to get rid of?

The LYN Trade Zone is the place to go. You can get very good offers of some exotic products, most notably being the iPhone. (Psss... You can find 1st generation iPhone for less than RM1.3k in there.)

3. Hanging Out

My friends, however, prefer the Kopitiam, particularly the Jokes Heaven section.

Picture found at Jokes Heaven.

Warning: can be extremely addictive for the true blooded Malaysians.

Try reading some of the sticky posts up there, and have fun.

Stay tuned, I'm gonna talk a bit about trading in my next post (hopefully).

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