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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Summer in Pangkor

I shifted out of my old room in Edusquare some two weeks ago.

Actually I'm still spending my weekdays in school. I shifted out of Edusquare mainly for security reasons. I've lost count of the number of times robbery occured in Edusquare. There was even a case in my house, and my room was freaking 5 metres from the guardhouse.

So I shifted into the on-campus accommodation. The on-campus accommodation are spread across five halls, all named after islands in Malaysia. Great! Now I get to spend my summer vacation in one of Malaysia's famous islands.

Before even my room was confirmed, I was told that the room I requested was only available in Pangkor. Pangkor is one of the two newer halls, the other one being Kapas. The downside is that it is slightly further away from the rest of the school.

16th June. I checked in to my room. It was located on the ground floor, a luxury I never had the chance to enjoy before this.

It was sort of like a 5-room apartment. I took a look at my room, and was instantly satisfied with it. Few minutes after checking in, I already had my phone charger and laptop adapter set up properly.

I was given quite a number of keys. One for the apartment door, one for my room door, one for my closet, one for my bedside table, and another one which failed to open anything I could find. I'm keeping the last key. Maybe it'll turn out to be the Magical Key to El Dorado or something.

There are three more rusty and broken keys. I threw them away instantly after snapping this picture.

The down side of the new room is that I have to used shared toilets. We get to share 2 shower cubicles and 2 toilet cubicles among the five of us. Don't get me wrong - I have absolutely no problem with sharing cubicles. The problem is that the cubicles are so insanely tiny that I couldn't even swing my hair in one, much lesser of a cat.

And remember how short my hair is?

When I was in Edusquare, a burger stall was just a-minute walk away from my room.

Now, in Pangkor, I get the sports complex instead. Are dumbbells edible?

Yet another minute away is the university cafeteria. In the summer holidays, there's even more to eat at the sports complex than at the cafe.

One serious problem with the on-campus accommodation is the kitchen. Each kitchen is shared by over 20 students.

Imagine how the fridge looks like.

But too bad this is not my imagination. It's reality. Click on the picture to see an even bigger and more disgusting picture.

You could even see ants in the fridge. I don't understand. Who on earth eats ants? Why do they need to be stored in the fridge?

The black dots are actually ants. Pardon my XPERIA camera. You should be glad you can't see them clearly by the way.

One thing's for sure - opening the fridge is enough to change your appetite. The other way.

One change I'm glad of is that shifting room forced me to clean up my room after the exam mess.

My old room was this...

... and I packed away my stuff into bags like these...

... and one day later, my room looked like this.

And of course, my new room was totally tidy when I shifted in.

However, two weeks later, today, it looks like this...

Looks like I could use another room-shifting again.






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