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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

How I Plan to Spend Valentine's

Well everybody has a plan for the day. Let's see. Hmmm.

I personally it's just nice and romantic to go shopping with your loved ones, isn't it? You walk her into a fashion store, and gently brush your hands on hers as she pick a nice dress. When she comes out of the changing room wearing the beautiful outfit, you put your arms around her waist, checking if the size fits.

After that you walk to a dimly lit restaurant, and order a table for two. When dessert arrives you carefully cut a small piece of your cheesecake and spoon it into her mouth, playfully ignoring her protests that the cake would make her fat.

Then you enter the cinema for a romantic film together. You share your popcorns with her. When she cries, you lend her your shoulder. If she's cold, you invite her to sit on your lap to stay warm together.

On the way home, she complains about her sore feet and you immediately sit her down. Carefully taking off her high heels, you then massaging her smooth limbs. And if it doesn't work, you carry her all the way home.

There you bid goodnight to her, and you leave happily, knowing that she's watching with satisfaction at you from her bedroom window as you do so.

Flawless, isn't it? I'm so going to execute it and make sure I have an unforgettable Valentine's.

Well with a single twist.

I'll be doing all of it alone.

Or maybe I'll just stay home.

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