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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The First Sights of UoN

Note: Pardon the incorrect exposure and extremely limited dynamic range of certain (OK, almost all) photos. I think it's almost time for me to upgrade my camera.

Two weeks ago, a bus picked me up from London Heathrow Airport to the University Park campus of the University of Nottingham (UoN).

Nope! That's not me. That's Donny.

The bus was a boring 3-hour ride and most of the passengers slept throughout the journey. Will talk more about the ride some time soon.

Along the way, I noticed how much UK reminded me of Cameron Highlands. The cool late summer weather, refreshing breeze and classic bricky building architecture, Cameron Highlands seemed like a mirror image of my first impression of UK.

Caught this picture from within University Park.

The University Park Campus, one of the four UoN campuses in UK, even has wide contoured grassy areas, good for lying down during a clear, bright day, staring deep into space.

Almost all UoN campuses (even the China and Malaysia ones) have clocktower buildings facing a lake. This is modelled after the Trent Building in University Park.

Clocktower of the Trent Building.

The Trent Building is the oldest among all, dating back to 1920's, even before UoN became a university.

My friend Edmund, with the Trent building at the background.

Throughout the years, it has become the icon of the university.

A door, located just beneath the clock.

As said, the Trent Building overlooks a large lake, which expanded over the ages along with the university with the merging of gardens and changes in school borders. A jogging path goes around the lake, stretching a total of 1.97km, much longer than Malaysia Campus's (UNMC) 800m. While UNMC's lake is home to 15 (the last time I counted) ducks, University Park's accommodates literally countless waterfowls.

Jogging track surrounding the lake.

Along the jogging track, joggers are treated with great countryside views. I've caught some real nice photos during my jog, they'll be published here few weeks later.

One picture caught from the jogging track.

Right beside the Trent Building is the Portland Building. Portland, which houses the Students' Union, was first built in the 50's and probably extended sometime in the 1990's or 2000's. The result -- the two facades look very, very different.

The newer side of the Portland Building.

Stairs and glass of the newer part of Portland.

Alfresco dining area at the older side of the Portland Building, right outside the Students' Union Bar.

I really love the old classic British architecture used in many buildings in University Park. Even most of the residential halls are designed as such.

Derby Hall (I think), University Park, a residential hall.

But not all buildings are that old-fashioned, of course. More pictures will come, and you'll see how different the Jubilee Campus is.

Cripps Building, University Park. Relatively new.

After the many years, I'm glad they still managed to preserve a great amount of greenery in the campus. There are several gardens and stretches of lawns I particularly like. This has helped University Park in winning various architecture and landscaping awards. Again, more to come within the next few weeks.

Love the lighting and shadows of this photo.

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) is widely known (at least so in Malaysia) as one of the most (if not the most) beautiful of all academic campuses in Malaysia.

My opinion is simple. Those who think UNMC is attractive has certainly never been to University Park before. 'Nuff said.

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