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Sunday, 4 October 2009

"I'm An Engineering Student"

If you were to ask me what I would study after secondary school in 2004, I would honestly tell you that I had no idea.

"Something Physics, I guess," I would say. It beats me how I ended up choosing to be an engineer.

Looking back, it was rather risky. Many shortsighted people like me would probably end up choosing a seemingly interesting course but giving it up few months later, bored. I personally know people who have changed courses so many times they practically made little progress in several years' time.

However, that didn't happen to me. In fact, the closer I am to be an engineer, the more I like the sound of it.

Firstly, everything in this world can be somehow credited to the engineers (both good and bad). OK, not everything, engineers aren't gods. But the truth remains that without engineers, the world will be a very different place.

Secondly, the need of creativity for engineers is unsurpassed among those who do not deal with art directly. Who do you think designed cars, painters? What about gaming consoles? Is Microsoft a bunch of designers?

Thirdly, engineers can be heroes, and engineers can be the villains. They built cars that survive 80mph crashes. They designed fire resistant doors. They made home alarm systems. But they can also construct nuclear warheads. Machine guns. High density laser weapons. Everything is in their hands.

I know I can't really say that I'm always proud with what engineers do, of course. Everyday, the world is releasing tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, aiding global warming, rising sea levels and killing dozens of rare species. The escalating living standards of the world is causing the world's population to rise exponentially (despite materials engineers' success in vulcanising rubber), draining the world of its natural resources. Inventions like nuclear weapons and battle planes are used in deadly wars.

But come to think of it. How many times have you heard the geek next door, saying "I can't live without the internet"? Have you ever seen or heard anyone practically marrying his DSLR/PlayStation? Would you rather hand-build your homes with wood and leaves and ropes? Without engineers, will you be able to fly across the world in a single day?

Throughout the years, engineers have worked hand in hand with many other professions, shaping the world into what it is today.

So today, if you were to ask me, 5 years after secondary school, what I'm studying, I would proudly say "I'm an engineering student."


  1. my brother wanted to do sth with physics too. i suggested being an engineer.. he said i was crazy.
    i suggested defence science sounds v close to physics to me.. he said he couldn make it.

    in the end he went for some business related course with loads of units under physics n psychology -.-

  2. lol

    aiya actually, IMO, whichever course we take, it doesn't matter as much as who we are.

    good luck to ur bro!


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