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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Embarrassing Thing Last Night

We've been living in this world for quite some time already. We've done lots of things. Things that defined who we are. Things that shaped our personalities. Things that attract attention of others.

Embarrassing things.

Want to hear an embarrassing story of someone I know?

OK here goes.

Once upon a time... OK not that long ago, actually, just last night. Last night, a man called er, Wenqy went to bed. He was later woken up at 5am after peeing in bed. Nope, not the slimy gravy. Watery pee.

The end! Hahaha, funny right?

Oh fine, that's me. But it's not like none of us has done it before. In my defence, the weather here in UK is cold! AND, I drank a lot of water after getting sick last week.

Plus, who cares if I peed in bed? I'm in a totally foreign country, speaking in an accent nobody understands. I point my camera at perfectly ordinary things like post boxes, churches, trees, fallen leaves and even trash. My hair is messy, stubbornly strong and unusually thick. My glasses are dirty and grimy, sitting lop-sidedly on a nose too long for an Asian. My arms are too skinny for a man and my long, thin fingers make things worse. My watch is too old, my jacket too shabby, my eyes too small and my voice too low.

But I ain't complaining. I'm feeling perfectly fine with my condition right now.

So yeah, laugh all you want, I don't care. If I do, I'd probably be dead right now. So, whatever, I'm going to bed.

Will I pee there again tonight?

Will you?


  1. I will not laugh at you when it is a medical condition. However, I will laugh at you when you woke up, feeling the urge to pee but dare not go to the toilet and peed in your pants.

    However, the above is still a medical condition.

    I am contradicting myself. =)

  2. er why would someone "dare not to go to the toilet" in the middle of the night and prefer to pee in his pants?

  3. Fear is actually classified in neuroscience as a medical condition with the brain.

    Phasmophobia - scared of ghosts
    Scotophobia - scared of darkness


  4. don't worry.. peeing in pants has happened to almost everyone before..

  5. yeah. that's what i said in my post

  6. if it happens again then u should get nortriptyline for nocturnal enuresis. haha i'm showing off what i learned last week (hope it's correct tho :X)

    maybe u dreamt of peeing, that's why. ;)

  7. Nortriptyline... is used in the treatment of major depression and childhood nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting).
    From Wikipedia.

    guess you were right after all. ok i'll keep that in mind haha


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