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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sights of UoN -- The Millennium Garden

Note: High resolution images of some of the following photos are available. These photos are marked with [HiRes] tags in their captions. Click on the photos to view their higher resolution images.

After a few posts in London, I thought we'd return to Nottingham for a while. Doesn't mean I don't have any other London photos to share though. Just a slight change of taste.

Millennium Garden
[HiRes] Ring-shaped pool of the Millennium Garden.

The Millennium Garden is a relatively new addition to the University Park Campus. Located at the very heart of the campus, it is never too far away from, well, anywhere. Click here to see a map of its exact location -- the cross in the centre is aimed directly at the Garden.

Millennium Garden Plan
[HiRes] Some background on the Millennium Garden. Click on the image to read the text.

Law Building
[HiRes] Law building, just beside the Garden.

The view there is awesome. Green grass. Big, tall trees. Colourful flowers. Butterflies. Throw in good weather with warm sun, this is possibly one of the most attractive places in University Park.

Millennium Garden
[HiRes] And a maze. Where's the hedge?

There's a small, shallow ring-shaped pool too, called the Clock Pool. I guess it's called so because the tree in the centre and the many small fountains kind of turn it into a sun dial. But it reminds me more of a Pokéball. I don't think fishing, canoeing or swimming are recommended here, though.

Millennium Garden
[HiRes] Part of the pool.

The benches there are useful for enjoying the fresh air with a lunch box.

[HiRes] Two benches, not far away from Millennium Garden. The steel would be cold in winter, though, hope you don't mind having chilly arses!

Or a camera.

Millennium Maze
[HiRes] Blue Brick Maze.

The view was so astounding even the lousiest photographer could come up with something nice.

[HiRes] There's this globe in the centre of the Garden. It is the object that attracts the most attention in there. Funnily I only got very few satisfying shots of the globe, compared to, say, the pool.

One glance around and I knew it'd be good for panorama shots.

Millennium Garden Pano
[HiRes] Panorama shot of the Millennium Garden, stitched from 3 images.

How wrong I was. It wasn't good. It was awesome.

Millennium Garden Pano
[HiRes] Another pano, stitched from 2 images.

Millennium Garden Pano
[HiRes] Stitched from 3 images. Great view, but looks kinda empty. Some parents chasing after children on bikes would be nice addition.

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  1. Clarence:

    thanks =D. they turned out a lot better than i anticipated.

  2. hey bro, what camera u using?

  3. jin phern:

    lousy camera. lol. compact, year 2004. Nikon Coolpix 3200. photo here

    oh except the globe. the globe photo taken using SLR. Nikon D70s.

  4. eh wait, the photo of the bench is also an SLR shot.


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