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Friday, 26 March 2010

Sights of UoN: Icy Jubilee

Note: Higher resolution images of all of the following photos are available. Click on the photos to view the high resolution images.

For those who despise photo-editing, stop right here, for a load of images are coming right up, half of them relatively heavily edited. I'm sorry, but snow's just too challenging for my poor old camera.

Paw-prints to Aspire
Frozen Jubilee Lake, with tracks leading to the "Lego Buildings" and the Aspire.

For those who stay, pull up a chair and pour yourself a warm cup of hot chocolate, for you're about to be treated with some 20 icy cold photos of University of Nottingham's newest campus.

Frozen pool
Pools beside one of the "Lego Buildings", frozen solid. The ice was literally inches thick.

Jubilee Campus, one of University of Nottingham UK's three main teaching campuses (excluding King's Meadow), is just a short walk away from my place. When the cold winter coated the ground with inches of snow and slippery ice, it really required more determination than I had to go any further than Jubilee for some winter photo-shooting.

Winter Walkway II

Winter Walkway

But hey, Jubilee Campus has nice sights too. Remember the little waterfall? No? Well here's a picture of it, taken in early winter.

Jubilee waterfall, early winter.

And here's a newer picture of it, taken during the peak of winter.

Winter waterfall I
Jubilee waterfall, peak of winter.

Well, looks like it wasn't really cold enough to freeze the waterfall over.

Winter waterfall II

Most parts of the lake were frozen, though. Take this, for example. The sight was refreshing, wasn't it?

Jubilee Lakescape

That's before hell froze. When it does, this is what it becomes.

Frozen Jubilee Lake

And then there's the Nottingham Geospatial Building. Before...

Nottingham Geospatial Building

... and after.

Nottingham Geospatial Building, Winter

Jubilee Campus library, before...

... and after.

Jubilee Library, Winter

Tracks to library
Heavily edited to bring out the tracks. The grayish patch at the bottom of the photo is an editing scar, probably owing to my lack of experience.

Who would travel to school on purpose when it was THAT cold, just to study in the library? If someone who would exists, that person has to love studying in the library as much as I wanted to catch photos. Looks like the only visitors to the library that time were, er, swans, according to the tracks.

Not that it wasn't already, but the National College of School Leadership, surrounded by water (or ice), became quite attractive during winter.


From all sides.

Winter NCSL II
Reflection on ice.

Winter NCSL I
Nope, this is neither a panorama nor an ultra-wide-angle photo -- the building was actually curved. Believe it or not, this is actually among the less-heavily-edited images today. One of my favourites.

The bald trees during winter really make good silhouettes. Well, these are sunset photos, but, believe it or not, both were captured before 4pm. It would be pitch black by 5.

Winter trees I

Winter trees II

Basically, everywhere I went, there's ice, snow, and more ice.

Hard as ice

Tetris in Winter!
Wanna play Tetris in the cold?

Snow tracks
Again, editing was required to make the tracks discernible.

Will I ever see snow again? Probably not, at least for a very, very long time.

Winter Road II
Heavily edited to improve dynamic range.


  1. Such a beautiful campus !! Besides your lego buildings, love the library best with its inverted architecture ...

    There's just something about the naked branches of the trees against the setting sun that's so spellbinding ...

  2. Joanna:

    haha yeah the library's kind of iconic of Jubilee Campus, but just like the malaysia campus, it's a little small compared to the libraries in the main campus.

    Joanna and Clarence:

    the outlines of bald trees set against the winter sky isn't what we get to see in malaysia, is it? FYI the trees ARE still bald.

  3. haha yea, i suppose.. but im a fan of silhouettes xD


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