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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Checked In

I'm entering a new phase of my life.

Just two days ago I registered myself into the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus (UNMC or UNIM) located in Semenyih. I'm now officially a university student! Yay!

Prior to this I studied Mechatronics Engineering at Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC). With the diploma from TARC, I am able to secure a place into the second year of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (or triple-E) at UNMC.

I also checked into my room at Semenyih. It was located at some houses just few minutes' walk from the campus, collectively known as "Edusquare". The Edusquare is newly built, and I'm among the first batch of students to move in.

Where I am staying now. My room is the one with window, beside the outdoor unit of the air-conditioner. Hang on, that fits for every single room. OK fine, mine's the one at the corner, with a blue towel hanging behind the window.

It is so new that the toilets have more dust than water.

My toilet. I'm the first to pee here. Yay!

I opened my door and looked around. Wow, nice view. I got a room at the corner of the house. I can even see the guard house from my room.

My room. Notice the window - I got a corner unit.

The next thing I noticed is that even the mattress hadn't been unwrapped yet. I was surely glad to be the centre of attention of the opening ceremony, but boy, it was tiring (and dirtying) work.

Oh, the mattress even comes with a warranty card. "Full refund if you have trouble sleeping on this," it says. In your dreams.

After cleaning up the bed and fitting the mattress with the bed sheet, I finally made my bed!

My dreamland!

I was then feeling hot and sweaty. So I turned on the fan. It worked OK. Then I decided to try everything, just in case something isn't working. Lights - checked. Shower heater - checked. Locks - checked. Windows - checked.

Air-conditioner - hey, where's the remote?

And then I went to have a look around the house. It was surely a nice house! I mean, they even bothered to get a TV for each floor (they were double-storey terrace units), and ooh, those TVs are bigger than what I have at home! Er, home as in my parents' house.

The living room, just three metres away from my door. Looks even better than the one I get in Klang.

But I was happy a bit too soon. It seemed like the antennas were too small to pick up the signals. Quality's real lousy. Well, there isn't much to watch on national TV anyway.

And oh! They also put up some stuff for decoration purposes. I mean, who would bother to hang those dummies on the walls?

Flowers. Feel like putting a small table here and have a candle-lit dinner with er... OK I've gone too far.

After meeting a few people from Edusquare, they told me their houses do not have these ornaments. Apparently they only cared to put these things up because my house was used as a showhouse.

The dining room, with pictures on the wall. That brown, flat, glossy thing is a table, and that black sculture behind it isn't a piece of art, it's a chair.

All in all, it's a nice place. Let's take a look at where I stayed just weeks ago.

Voila! My ex-room in TARC.

Hmmm. Something's different between my two places.

Can't really tell, though.


  1. wow. so nice.

    post pictures of your uni!

  2. hey my room is still cheaper than yours ok?


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