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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Best of 2008

2008 has come to an end. How much has been accomplished this year? Is this a meaningful year? Thankfully most of my memorable activities are archived in my blog. You can visit it at... Oh wait, you're already there.

1. Started A Blog

Actually this blog was started on the 29th of December, 2007, near midnight. Not exactly 2008, but close enough.

At first the interval between posts are rather inconsistent. I wrote when I had inspiration. I wrote when I was bored. I wrote when there were things to be written. Starting in June, I adopted the format of writing two new posts per week, and this has resulted in about 7 to 9 posts per month for the rest of the year.

2. Visited Singapore Zoo...

... the day Ah Meng passed away. My sister and I were shooting wild guesses at which Orangutan Ah Meng was (we didn't know about her death until after the visit), but apparently she moved on while we were lining up for our tickets.

3. Graduated from College

After two years or six semesters in TARC, I've finally graduated with a diploma in my hand. Though it wasn't the most enjoyable part of my life, it was no doubt memorable.

4. Entered University

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is arguably the most beautiful campus in Malaysia. I didn't come here to enjoy the sights though.

5. Played Piano by Ear

Me playing Rick Price's Heaven Knows.

Actually this isn't something new for me. I've been doing it (or trying to do it) since secondary school, but with little success. It was 2008 that saw me succeeding in producing a few songs acceptable by human ears.

6. Cooked Something...

... other than instant noodles and fried eggs.

7. Clogged Toilet Bowl...

... twice. Once in my hostel, another time at home. I think I ate too much high fibre crackers and wholemeal bread.

8. Started Jogging

In TARC, my only cardiovascular exercise was spending 20 minutes at the cross trainer. It was in September that I started jogging around the Nottingham Lake weekly.

9. Re-picked Badminton

It was quite sad, having no one to play the only sport I like with. Thankfully I joined UNMC Badminton Club and participated in badminton workshops to help me catch up with the sport again.

And yet I still don't have a badminton partner =(.

10. Picked Up Linux

And still using it. All the photos taken by me are edited in Ubuntu's GIMP before being published online. Most of them only have the seal watermark added, though, and only few have other tweaks worked on them.

So that's it! I managed to list 10 breakthroughs for me this year. So I can doubtlessly say that, yes, 2008 means a lot to me.

I personally dislike the idea of celebrating the need of obtaining a new calendar, but happy new year, everyone!

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