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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas is When...

... I wish I could never grow up.

I mean, who wouldn't like getting free presents every year? This, plus all the red packets we get for Chinese New Year, ah, I just envy Peter Pan.

I actually went to MidValley before Christmas to get myself a toy.

Imagine that. I travelled for one whole hour. Just for the toy.

For myself.

Well to save myself from feeling too bad about it, I got some groceries there too. Oh, I also bought some dinner from Carrefour MidValley.

So what was the toy? Well, it's colourful, it's addictive, it's fun, it's rotating...

A Rubik's cube.

Don't tell me you've never heard of it before. I am quite happy with me I managed solve all of it but the last four corners by myself. But before you go like "it's your parents' age's toys!" or "it's a toy for nerds!" or "so childish!", watch the next toy I got this Christmas.

This is colourful, addictive, cute, fun, rotating...

A clockwork dancing figure.

It is just so amusing! Watch it in action!

Just screw, screw, screw it up, and watch it move it move it! Thanks a lot for the toy!

OK sometimes I just hope I don't know who me.

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  1. my brother likes rubik's cube too

    sometimes it amazes me how some ppl are similar to my brother in some ways..

    like my colleague is almost my brother's dbl.. the way they talk walk and disturb me -.-


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